Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Sep 28, 2016In your opinion, which video game character/mascot is the best?
Sep 18, 2016In your opinion, which Nintendo 64 game is the best?
Sep 08, 2016Who is or was your favorite home console developer?
Aug 27, 2016Which console generation did your first console you ever bought belong to? (It doesn't matter if you bought your first console after it stopped being current generation.)
Aug 20, 2016Which RTS (real-time strategy) series is the closest to your heart?
Aug 13, 2016Which fighting game series do you like the most?
Aug 07, 2016Which of these game series available on PlayStation 1 is the best, in your view?
Jul 30, 2016What is the best all-time 2D Mario game?
Jul 22, 2016How long does it take you to develop an accurate first impression of a game?
Jul 15, 2016What kind of adventure games do you prefer?
Jul 10, 2016In your opinion, which Super Nintendo (SNES) game is the best?
Jun 29, 2016When the game lets you evolve your character towards good or evil, which do you pick first time round?
Jun 19, 2016How old were you when you started playing games?
Jun 11, 2016Of these Game Boy games, which is your favorite?
Jun 05, 2016Both are well-known science-fiction franchises with their own strong fanbases. But when it comes to video games, which of them has had the better releases throughout the years?
May 22, 2016What's your most preferable flight/combat simulation setting?
May 15, 2016In your opinion, which fighting games series is the best?
May 06, 2016What's your most preferable setting when it comes to war games (RTSes, RPGes, FPSes, etc.), regardless of the genre?
Apr 27, 2016What is your primary attitude towards the modding culture?[A modification is the alteration of a game to make it operate in a manner different from its original (vanilla) version]
Apr 16, 2016Do you draw paper maps when playing games?
Apr 01, 2016Which Nintendo series deserves revival?
Mar 20, 2016In your opinion, which '6th generation' console is the best?
Mar 09, 2016In your opinion, which Sega console/handheld is the best?
Mar 05, 2016Which Nintendo IP would you like to see receive more representation in Super Smash Bros.?
Feb 20, 2016Do you play HD remakes of old games?
Feb 07, 2016In your opinion, which Nintendo franchise is the best?
Jan 28, 2016Do you think MobyGames should also document pinball machine games?
Jan 17, 2016What is your favorite game/game series based on Star Wars?