Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 09, 2017What's your favorite version of Windows, you nerds?
Dec 03, 2017What was your favorite PC LAN party game of all time?
Nov 26, 2017The Pokemon franchise just made it past 300 million units sold, lifetime! What's your favorite Pokemon franchise game?
Nov 18, 2017If you could be stuck on a desert island with one console and ALL of its games, which would you pick?
Nov 11, 2017What would you consider to be the best Rockstar-published franchise?
Nov 04, 2017What's your favorite Mario game of all time?
Oct 29, 2017Where did you play your first computer or video game?
Oct 21, 2017What do you think of the book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline?
Oct 14, 2017When playing a sports game, what is your preference in your character's or team's appearance?
Oct 07, 2017What do you think of DLC & 'loot crates' in modern games?
Sep 30, 2017What do you think of the SNES Classic?
Sep 24, 2017Do you still feel the same glee and wonder when playing new games as you did when you were younger?
Sep 16, 2017Suppose there was a big bar fight involving various classic '90s FPS characters. Who is most likely to come out as the winner?
Sep 12, 2017With the exception of replacing lost or broken hardware, what was your reasoning for purchasing more than one game console/handheld?
Sep 02, 2017Have you ever bought a game for someone as a gift?(select first correct answer that yields most experience points)
Aug 26, 2017What is your favorite action game of the 'rise of 3D' PC era?
Aug 20, 2017What's your favorite driving/racing arcade game?
Aug 16, 2017What's the best RPG series of all time?
Aug 06, 2017Do you read/collect any game-related literature? If so - which kind are you most interested in?
Jul 30, 2017What's your preferred method of playing video games?
Jul 22, 2017Which of these (slightly) more obscure RPG series is definitely the best?
Jul 17, 2017If you can play the original version or a remastered version of a game, which one will you choose?
Jul 08, 2017The classic '80s European/UK game-playing system choice - pick your favorite?
Jul 03, 2017Which country has been responsible for the best video games of all time, in aggregate?
Jun 24, 2017Which adventure game series is your absolute favorite of all time?
Jun 17, 2017What cutesy and/or oldskool-inspired platform game were you most excited about at E3 this year?
Jun 10, 2017Which kind of extreme sports games is your favorite?
Jun 04, 2017If the game could only have one of these, which would you prefer?
May 27, 2017What is your preferred gaming device?
May 14, 2017Where do you prefer to see graphics power used most in games? (Assume that selecting one category will sacrifice graphics power in all other categories).
May 06, 2017The eternal question - LucasArts or Sierra?
Apr 29, 2017Using Linux? Check the first option that applies.
Apr 23, 2017Which one of those Donald Trump games do you consider to be the best?
Apr 17, 2017Which is your favorite current generation console racing game?
Apr 02, 2017Which current-generation console do you own?
Mar 26, 2017How excited are you about the launch of the Nintendo Switch?
Mar 19, 2017In your opinion, which Soccer/Football game series is the best?
Mar 11, 2017What kind of games are you usually playing nowadays (nowadays is whenever you are answering this poll)?
Feb 28, 2017Back in days when there were no digital releases (or even nowadays!), did you ever buy a retail game just because you liked the actual box cover art?
Feb 19, 2017Which period do you consider to be the "golden age" of the Adventure genre?
Feb 08, 2017Which of the following Ubisoft franchises is or was your favorite?
Jan 28, 2017How old were you when you completed a video game for the very first time?
Jan 15, 2017Which Megaman/Rockman protagonist is the best?
Jan 07, 2017In your opinion, which PlayStation (PSone) game or game series is the best?