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Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Nov 21, 2015In your opinion, which horror game series is the best?
Sep 30, 2015MobyGames is still using the old favicon with the blue M and green G on a white background. There has been talk of changing this. What choice do you think we should go with?
Sep 15, 2015What is your favorite SimCity game?
Aug 31, 2015Which is your favorite racing game series?
Aug 17, 2015Which is your favourite Metal Slug game?
Aug 03, 2015What is your favourite Metroid game?
Jul 20, 2015In your opinion, which Konami franchise is the best?
Jul 06, 2015In your opinion, which SNK Playmore franchise is the best?
Jun 22, 2015In your opinion, which Microsoft console is the best?
Jun 08, 2015In your opinion, which Capcom franchise is the best?
May 25, 2015What's your favorite Angry Birds game?
May 11, 2015What is your favorite game of the Super Smash Bros. series so far?
Apr 27, 2015What is your favorite generation of Pokémon?
Mar 30, 2015Which 5th generation (32-bit) console you admire the most?
Mar 16, 2015In your opinion (and your gaming experience) what is the most dangerous horror creature?
Mar 02, 2015What do you consider the most important/attractive element of MobyGames front page? (read: what would you like to move to the top of the page?)
Feb 16, 2015What is your general preference for buying new games you are interested in?
Feb 02, 2015Which The Elder Scrolls game do you consider to be the best?
Jan 19, 2015What would you like to see as a LEGO game?
Jan 05, 2015Do you use MobyGames "Have List" feature to catalog your game collection?