User review spotlight: Carmageddon (DOS). Released in 1997.

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Date of Poll Question
Dec 22, 2014Do you think that Nintendo should acquire the rights to the Spyro and Crash Bandicoot franchises to improve the company's financial status and to expand its repertoire?
Dec 08, 2014On a scale of 1-7 with 1 being "Completely dissatisfied" and 7 being "Completely satisfied", how satisfied are you with the changes implemented to MobyGames by Blue Flame Labs (Reed, Simon) so far?
Nov 24, 2014Do you ever buy a game you are not so interested or able to play (in case it was for old system you do not have) only to add it to your collection?
Nov 10, 2014Which is your favorite gaming digital distribution site?
Oct 27, 2014How many original game soundtracks (OST) do you own in physical or digital form?
Oct 13, 2014How many hours do you spend in each single session when you sit down to play video games?
Sep 29, 2014Do you think MobyGames should also document cancelled games?
Sep 15, 2014What is your primary position on the paid model of alpha funding, paid-alpha (I call them permanent beta), such as Early Access on Steam or crowd funding games on Kickstarter?
Sep 01, 2014Non-English users: do you prefer to play your games in English or localized to your language when available?
Aug 18, 2014How do you play retro games?
Aug 04, 2014Which of these is your favourite 80's retro machine?
Jul 21, 2014In case the retail and the download release of a game had the same price and offered identical content, what would you choose?
Jul 07, 2014How old are you?
Jun 23, 2014What is your favourite beat 'em up series?
Jun 09, 2014What's your favorite Mega Man (Rockman) retro game?
May 26, 2014Out of curiosity, why do you primarily visit MobyGames?
May 12, 2014Which Rockstar game/franchise do you prefer?
Apr 07, 2014What do you consider the most important part of a game?
Mar 24, 2014On what graphics settings do you prefer to play in?
Mar 10, 2014What do you think is the worst game?
Feb 24, 2014Which of the following provides you with the best gaming experience?
Feb 10, 2014Which of the Resident Evil games is your favorite?
Jan 27, 2014In your opinion, which The King of Fighters saga is the best?
Jan 13, 2014How are you with gaming time?