Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 27, 2000Is cheating in online games acceptable if everyone playing knows that you're cheating?
Dec 15, 2000How do you prefer your interactive fiction?
Dec 02, 2000Who would win this death-match?
Nov 20, 2000Who would win this death-match?
Nov 14, 2000I played my very first PC game in the:
Oct 22, 2000Americans: Who are you going to vote for in the 2000 Presidential Election?
Oct 14, 2000Which gaming platform has better graphics: A heavy-duty gaming PC, or a modern console?
Oct 01, 2000Do you think PC games help drive PC technology advances, or the other way around?
Sep 25, 2000How much money do you pay for the games you play?
Sep 17, 2000What speed CPU do you feel is necessary to play most PC games released this year?
Sep 10, 2000What do you think Microsoft's upcoming X-Box's main competition will be?
Sep 03, 2000In your opinion, what gaming business model overall has delivered the most enjoyable product?
Aug 27, 2000What's your preferred OS for playing PC games?
Aug 20, 2000Do you prefer playing sports games, or the actual sports themselves?
Aug 13, 2000Where do you think the future of gaming lies?
Aug 06, 2000Are you a male or female gamer?
Jul 30, 2000Mickey Gabel asks: What's your view on Linux as a gaming platform?
Jul 23, 2000BladeRunner asks: "Who's your favorite female protagonist?"
Jul 16, 2000Why do you purchase older games?
Jul 09, 2000In your opinion, which Ultima-based series was the best?
Jul 02, 2000What's your favorite late-night gaming beverage?
Jun 25, 2000Sam Jeffreys asks: What's your opinion of DOS?
Jun 18, 2000What kind of 3D acceleration does your video card perform?
Jun 11, 2000After 4 years, Daikatana is finally finished. Is it truly a bad game, or just getting a bad rap?
Jun 04, 2000Were you at E3 this year?
May 28, 2000What's your favorite section of MobyGames rap sheets?
May 21, 2000Which gaming magazine media type do you prefer to read?
May 14, 2000What piece of hardware would you most like to upgrade in your current gaming PC?
May 07, 2000Which shooter series do you feel has the best user-created "mods" (levels, models, skins, etc.)?
Apr 30, 2000Which long-running adventure game series do you think has aged poorly and been driven into the ground?
Apr 23, 2000Do established board games and card games (Monopoly, Solitare, etc.) play better in real life or on the computer?
Apr 16, 2000Where have you had the most success finding old software titles?
Apr 09, 2000What do you do with your old games?
Apr 02, 2000Which long-running adventure game series do you think has aged well and stood the test of time?
Mar 26, 2000When were the best computer games produced?
Mar 19, 2000What's the best Tex Murphy game you've ever played?
Mar 12, 2000What's the funniest Lucasarts adventure you've ever played?
Mar 05, 2000What's the best first-person shooter?
Feb 27, 2000How do you network-play with other gamers?
Feb 20, 2000How many computers do you use to play games?
Feb 13, 2000How did you find out about MobyGames?
Feb 06, 2000If you had a choice, what kinds of games would you want added to the MobyGames Game Giveaway?
Jan 30, 2000What do you feel is the most influential technical innovation in the history of PC gaming?
Jan 23, 2000If MobyGames were to branch out to include more platforms, which types of platforms would you like to see supported first?
Jan 16, 2000What do you value most in a game?
Jan 09, 2000What continent tends to create and/or release the best games?
Jan 02, 2000How many hours do you spend gaming online or over a LAN per week?