Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 25, 2001How old are you?
Dec 20, 2001Which statement best describes your position on vintage (i.e. classic, retro) gaming?
Dec 13, 2001What is your favourite way to keep up to date with gaming news?
Dec 05, 2001Should Moby include PREVIEWS for games that have not been released yet?
Nov 27, 2001What will you be buying this Christmas?
Nov 20, 2001Whom do you support in the abandonware / IDSA disuptes?
Nov 13, 2001Where do you live?
Nov 03, 2001Who is your favorite PC game music composer?
Oct 30, 2001Which 4th-generation home gaming console do you consider the best overall?
Oct 28, 2001Is "World War II Online" fraudulent by not including Ships as previously promised?
Oct 21, 2001What is your biggest gripe about the computer game industry today?
Oct 13, 2001Can computer games be considered an art form?
Oct 05, 2001What is the greatest prolific RPG series of all time?
Sep 26, 2001Which Monkey Island game was the best?
Sep 24, 2001Most video game movies sucked so far. Which one of these games would make a really good movie? (not only regarding action, but also the story)
Sep 19, 2001Tomb Radier IV: The Last Revelation is the best in the whole TR series because...
Sep 15, 2001Who is is your favorite hero of a PC adventure series?
Sep 11, 2001What is your favourite weapon in any of these 1st-person shooters?
Sep 01, 2001Out of these games, which do you think has the best opening sequence?
Aug 29, 2001Does certain content (I.E. Sex, Violence, Witchcraft) affect which games you purchase?
Aug 25, 2001What is the best way to make PC games more competitive with consoles?
Aug 21, 2001What do you think was the best RPG released during the past 4 years?
Aug 14, 2001What is your take on computer game violence?
Aug 14, 2001Which of the Road Rash games do you feel is the best?
Aug 06, 2001Which of these games do you feel were the most revolutionary?
Aug 06, 2001What geographical location do you feel produces the best games?
Aug 06, 2001Companies are pushing a new DVD-style packaging standard for PC games. Your thoughts?
Jul 30, 2001How would you describe today's situation in the world of adventure games?
Jul 23, 2001What company do you feel produced the greatest PC adventure games?
Jul 23, 2001Which 3rd- or 4th-generation console system do you like the most?
Jul 15, 2001Which of the following Star Wars titles are you most looking forward to?
Jul 08, 2001In your opinion, which "Resident Evil" game was the best?
Jun 28, 2001Which of the following games was the best looking game on display at the recent E3 show in LA?
Jun 28, 2001Do you have a mod chip installed in your PlayStation or PlayStation 2?
Jun 28, 2001Out of these PC games and series, which do you feel were the most innovative?
Jun 11, 2001What era do you think best defines the Golden Age of adventure games?
Jun 11, 2001Which console has the best mascot?
Jun 08, 2001Will you buy a Game Boy Advance?
Jun 04, 2001What is your favorite type of computer game?
Jun 04, 2001Which accessories did you eventually buy for the Playstation?
Jun 04, 2001What's your favorite Mario spin-off?
May 30, 2001What is your biggest complaint about the computer games industry today?
May 16, 2001If we could choose, what platforms would you like to add to MobyGames next?
May 09, 2001What graphics technology most affected PC gaming?
May 09, 2001What is your favourite "classic" PC CPU?
May 09, 2001What years covered on MobyGames do you feel produced the best games?
May 09, 2001There are many sequels planned for this year. Which one do you want to have the most?
May 02, 2001What is your favorite game designed by Sid Meier?
May 02, 2001What is your favourite Nintendo home console?
Apr 25, 2001Which company produced the best interactive fiction in its time?
Apr 25, 2001What would you prefer as gaming's future, considering the multitude of upcoming platforms and/or consoles?
Apr 18, 2001What influences you most in the purchase of a new game?
Apr 18, 2001With Sega announcing that it is no longer manufacturing the Dreamcast console, how long do you think it will be until the platform is obsolete?
Apr 18, 2001Of these games, what's your favorite PC game of 2000?
Apr 11, 2001Belboz asks: How many games (new or used) did you buy in 2000?
Apr 04, 2001How long have you been gaming?
Apr 04, 2001Out of all the recent Final Fantasy games released so far, what would you say is the best?
Mar 28, 2001What bandwidth technology do you use for gaming over the Internet?
Mar 16, 2001Do you ever use cheat / god codes in traditionally offline games?
Feb 26, 2001What is your favorite non-PC gaming platform?
Feb 15, 2001Mark Isaacson asks: Who's responsible when kids commit media-influenced violent crimes?
Feb 05, 2001How much would you pay (US) for decent, award-winning old games if they were made available for sale again?
Jan 10, 2001The SPA's Codie awards are seriously flawed. What kind of gaming awards ceremony should the industry have?