Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 31, 2002Were you happy with the number of quality game releases in 2002?
Dec 19, 2002Do you think a game should have an opening animation to prologue of the game, and/or an ending animation to explain the epilogue of the game?
Dec 04, 2002What's the best King of Fighters series?
Nov 25, 2002Which type of characters you prefer to see in the games?
Nov 15, 2002What, in your opinion, is the best Leisure Suit Larry game?
Oct 27, 2002What type of game credits are you most interested in?
Oct 16, 2002Who would win this deathmatch?
Oct 09, 2002Which classic PC game do you like to play most?
Oct 02, 2002Most of today's games have good introductions, but how do you rate their ending sequences?
Sep 26, 2002When you finally get your newest game home, do you read the manual ?
Sep 17, 2002You are a gamer because you are a ..
Sep 10, 2002Which final fantasy game is your favorite?
Sep 03, 2002Which StarCraft expansion pack is worth the most money?
Sep 02, 2002Which of these Adventure/RPG heroines did you enjoy playing the most?
Aug 26, 2002There are currently 2 TV shows that focus on Videogames, Electric Playground - and Extended Play. Do you have a favorite?
Aug 18, 2002Which classic game company do you like best?
Aug 07, 2002What's the most you spent on a game?
Jul 31, 2002How do you feel about the Survival Horror genre?
Jul 23, 2002What is your favorite deliberately offensive game?
Jul 15, 2002My favorite PC gaming operating system is...
Jul 08, 2002Which of the three major consoles do you think will die first?
Jul 08, 2002Which graphic card chipset is the best?
Jul 01, 2002Have you ever purchased any import games (for example, a U.S. gamer buying Japanese games)?
Jun 25, 2002Do you think it's okay that games containing Hakenkreuz (Nazi) symbols are prohibited by German law, even if they are AGAINST Nazis?
Jun 18, 2002What is your most important consideration in buying a game?
Jun 11, 2002What was the last "Adventure Game" that you played?
Jun 04, 2002Which of the new 4th-generation console systems is your favourite?
Jun 04, 2002Do you play only the newest PC games or older ones as well?
May 28, 2002How often do you use Cheats (codes, walkthroughs etc.) or cheat devices like Gameshark?
May 21, 2002What is the best PC platform game ever!
May 14, 2002What's the toughest real-time strategy game you have played?
May 07, 2002Which improvement would you like to see most on MobyGames?
Apr 30, 2002Have you ever registered a shareware game?
Apr 28, 2002Of the three major consoles, which do you own?
Apr 21, 2002For games released not in your native language, do you prefer:
Apr 16, 2002When you finish playing a game and the Credits appear, do you read them?
Apr 16, 2002Should Moby's main menu include RPG (role-playing games) as a top level genre, instead of a secondary one?
Apr 14, 2002How often do you visit MobyGames?
Apr 09, 2002What is your opinion of Licensed Titles (i.e. Goldeneye, Who Wants to be a Millionaire)?
Apr 07, 2002Game Copy Protection should be ...
Apr 02, 2002Which console deserves the status "Legend".
Apr 01, 2002At this moment, how many PC games are installed on your system?
Mar 26, 2002If MobyGames had a message board, what topic would you like to chat about?
Mar 19, 2002What do you think of the Xbox?
Mar 12, 2002What's the VERY first thing that attracts you to a game?
Mar 12, 2002What is your opinion on "dying" in an adventure game?
Mar 12, 2002What was the best Prince of Persia game?
Mar 06, 2002Which of the following do you consider most important when playing a game?
Feb 24, 2002Which console has the best name?
Feb 17, 2002What is your favorite kind of RPG?
Feb 17, 2002Did quake 3 arena live upto your expectations?
Feb 10, 2002How many games did you buy (new or used) in 2001?
Feb 03, 2002What brings you to MobyGames most often?
Jan 26, 2002What's the current state of interactive fiction?
Jan 22, 2002What game designer’s name on a box evokes the most attention?
Jan 19, 2002Which type of sports game is your favourite?
Jan 08, 2002You would certainly buy a game if the advertising blurb on the back cover notes that...
Jan 01, 2002Which time period produced the best games? (bear in mind the technology available at the time)