Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 29, 2003Which of the listed game franchises below do you like best?
Dec 22, 2003What is your relation to the gaming industry?
Dec 15, 2003What usually happens to your game boxes?
Dec 08, 2003Out of these seven movies based on games, which one is the best?
Dec 01, 2003Which wanzer in "Front Mission 3" is your favorite?
Nov 24, 2003What is the best ‘world’-strategy game currently available?
Nov 24, 2003Have you ever Beta Tested a game?
Nov 17, 2003What information do you most often submit to MobyGames?
Nov 10, 2003Do you think that MobyGames should include patch, add-on, and expansion information on the main Rap Sheet of a game?
Nov 09, 2003Should publishers offer PC games on DVD now? or stick to CD, or do BOTH
Nov 03, 2003Which PS2 RPG are you going to play next?
Nov 02, 2003What is your favorite SEGA system?
Oct 27, 2003Which control method do you prefer for first-person shooters?
Oct 20, 2003Should game consoles have a hard drive built-in, even though the average life of modern hard drives is 3-5 years?
Oct 13, 2003Which game elements scare you the most?
Oct 06, 2003How many games (new or used) did you buy in the last 12 months?
Sep 29, 2003What would you do for 1 million dollars/euros?
Sep 22, 2003Do you own the computer/console you play games on?
Sep 15, 2003Richard Garriot's best game is:
Sep 08, 2003For game collectors: Do you play the games, or just keep them in mint condition?
Sep 01, 2003Which is more important: Having the game you want regardless of condition, or having a near mint condition copy of the game?
Aug 25, 2003Out of all these KQ games, which is your favorite one?
Jul 21, 2003Which of the following game genre fusions would kick the most ass?
Jul 14, 2003What was the brand of your 1st computer?
Jul 07, 2003How many different gaming consoles / systems do you own?
Jun 30, 2003Which forgotten CRPG sequel do you wish was made?
Jun 23, 2003Who would win a death match between the following?
Jun 16, 2003Which these underdogs most deserves a sequel?
Jun 09, 2003Which 4th-generation console is your favorite?
Jun 02, 2003As a result of the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on America, do you think people should be able to play games as terrorist characters?
May 26, 2003Gamers: What is your current gender?
May 19, 2003With is your favorite command and conquer game?
May 12, 2003How long, on average, does it take you to complete an adventure game?
May 05, 2003The current king of survival horror is:
Apr 28, 2003Which was the best 2nd-generation (16-bit) platform?
Apr 21, 2003What do you think about the Game Boy Camera feature being removed from Perfect Dark, supposedly due to pressure from American psycologists?
Apr 14, 2003Related to last week's poll question: What is your biggest Pet Peeve with modern games?
Apr 07, 2003In which area do today's games need the most significant improvement?
Mar 31, 2003Which game has the best Mods?
Mar 24, 2003For action games, do you prefer a first person perspective or a third person perspective?
Mar 17, 2003Which Final Fantasy has the best story line?
Mar 10, 2003Which is the best fighting game for the Dreamcast?
Mar 03, 2003Jeanne asks Moby Members: Which viewing "style" do you use to view MobyGames' web pages?
Feb 24, 2003How often do you pirate/download games for systems no longer on the market ("abandonware")?
Feb 17, 2003With Doom 3, id Software wants to release their first 3D shooter with a "single player experience" (without much multiplayer). What's your reactionit?
Feb 10, 2003What type of game manual do you prefer?
Feb 03, 2003Which current game console do you think has the most staying power before being replaced or discontinued?
Jan 27, 2003Which adventure hero do you think is the most handsome?
Jan 20, 2003Which is the best personal computer game based on a TV game show?
Jan 11, 2003How do you handle your games?
Jan 06, 2003Which mint condition PC game from the 1990s do you feel is the most valuable?
Jan 03, 2003Which of these RPGs released in 2002 was your favorite?