Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 28, 2004Which of these videogame franchises would you most like to see turned into a movie?
Dec 13, 2004I have an old Pentium 133 laptop that I like to play games on. Which game do you think would be the best on such an old system?
Dec 06, 2004What portable gaming system are you most interested in?
Nov 30, 2004Do you have Xbox Music Mixer?
Nov 17, 2004How many original games do you have in your collection?
Nov 08, 2004Who is your favorite Resident Evil protagonist?
Oct 30, 2004How good do you consider video game music to be?
Oct 15, 2004How graphic do you want your First Person Shooter to be?
Oct 07, 2004If the Playstation 3 came out, what would be the thing that would make you buy it?
Sep 29, 2004What is your favorite RPG trilogy?
Sep 21, 2004What's the best Amiga football game?
Sep 14, 2004What is the best racing game series?
Aug 31, 2004What is your favorite old school rpg series?
Aug 24, 2004With the recent X-Files Game, which of the following sci-fi shows could also handle a Survival Horror make-over?
Aug 09, 2004Which of these classics most deserves being remade?
Jul 27, 2004What's the most underrated handheld platform?
Jul 19, 2004What is the best DUKE NUKEM game?
Jul 07, 2004What is the best ever StreetBall style Basketball game ever?
Jun 25, 2004Are you more of a...?
Jun 14, 2004What game in the Quake series do you feel is the best?
Jun 07, 2004Which game genre relies more on good music?
May 31, 2004What do you think of the new uniform box size for PC games?
May 24, 2004What feature would be most important to you in the upcoming generation of console systems ( PS3, Xbox 2, etc )?
May 24, 2004What is your favorite underrated development company?
May 17, 2004Of the series listed below, which one do you think is the most overrated and over-hyped?
May 10, 2004When you play a new game, which part of the experience do you most look forward to?
May 03, 2004Have you ever bought a MMORPG (and paid the monthly fee)?
Apr 26, 2004Open-ended games are...
Apr 19, 2004What is your favorite Starcraft Expansion Pack?
Apr 12, 2004Which classic gaming element would you most like to see implemented in the 'real world'?
Apr 05, 2004Should the DVD medium replace the CD-ROM medium when it comes to PC games?
Mar 29, 2004Have you ever hesitated doing something in a game that, in reality, you feel is immoral?
Mar 22, 2004Which console do you believe has the best online plan?
Mar 15, 2004What is your favourate 8-bit computer?
Mar 08, 2004What is your favourite CGA graphics mode?
Mar 01, 2004Based on the original AD&D (Advanced Dungeon's & Dragons) character classes, which class do you personally identify with?
Feb 23, 2004Do you think games should condone violence as seen in the recent games Postal 2 and Grand Theft Auto 3 etc.?
Feb 22, 2004How often do you use walkthroughs or cheats?
Feb 16, 2004Some modern games have more cut scenes than actual gameplay. Your opinion?
Feb 09, 2004What do you think is the most important aspect of a role-playing game?
Feb 02, 2004Do you think you have what it takes to be a game designer?
Jan 31, 2004What Sonic series offshoot game did you enjoy the most when it was released?
Jan 26, 2004If a game you are currently playing has a patch released before you are finished, what do you normally do?
Jan 26, 2004Have you ever been moved to tears by an electronic game?
Jan 19, 2004Which was the best 2nd-generation personal computer platform?
Jan 12, 2004Which games do you miss the most on your PC?
Jan 05, 2004Which videogame-based movie (to date) sucks the most?