Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 26, 2005What do you do when you see a really good review in your favorite gaming magazine?
Dec 18, 2005Do you play homebrew/independant games?
Dec 11, 2005Do you listen to music while playing videogames?
Dec 04, 2005Now that the Xbox 360 is out I ...
Nov 27, 2005What was the best Final Fantasy title for the Playstation?
Nov 20, 2005Do you play games on your cellular phone?
Nov 13, 2005Is videogame music worth listening to outside of of the games themselves?
Nov 05, 2005Do you think that the single player mode in Quake 4 is necessary?
Oct 30, 2005Which gaming platform do you prefer the most?
Oct 19, 2005Do you prefer Western- or Asian-style RPGs?
Oct 10, 2005When submitting a game review, do you prefer to ...
Oct 03, 2005The Nintendo Revolution Controller:
Sep 19, 2005Which next-gen console are looking forward to?
Sep 12, 2005What was the golden age of video games?
Sep 07, 2005Which of the following do you prefer for RPG combat? (Restricted to 3rd person perspective RPGs)
Aug 28, 2005Which buttons do you usually use for movement when playing a PC FPS game ?
Aug 16, 2005Which of the following would ruin your gaming experience when you first try a new game ?
Jul 18, 2005How do you typically find out about the games that you buy?
Jul 11, 2005What's your favourite 3D fighting game series?
Jul 04, 2005What is your favorite RPG combat kind?
Jun 07, 2005Do you like cliff-hanger endings in games?
May 29, 2005What do you feel is most important in making a great game?
May 17, 2005Which next-gen console is going to take the cake?
Apr 20, 2005Games based on movies: your opinion?
Apr 05, 2005Which one of these RPGs had the most rewarding story?
Mar 29, 2005What is your favorite Bioware RPG?
Mar 21, 2005What is your all-time favorite Half-Life multiplayer MOD?
Mar 14, 2005Wonder Boy fans: What is your favorite Wonder Boy game of all time?
Mar 04, 2005What does "Atari" mean to you?
Feb 25, 2005Were you disappointed to hear Sam & Max 2: Freelance Police cancelled?
Feb 18, 2005Do you think Half-Life 2 or Doom 3 is better?
Feb 10, 2005What's your view on the use of two dimensional and three dimensional perspectives in gaming?
Jan 31, 2005Are you addicted to computer games?
Jan 20, 2005If you had to choose, which character class would you best describe yourself? (Based on classic AD&D character classes - in no particular order)
Jan 05, 2005Why do you browse Mobygames?