Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 26, 2006What do you think about SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters '95?
Dec 18, 2006Do you usually buy games right on release date?
Dec 11, 2006Which was the first Nintendo console system that you played?
Dec 04, 2006Have you ever read the licensing agreement for a game?
Nov 27, 2006Name your favourite FPS sub-genre theme...
Nov 20, 2006Which has been the greatest console RPG series to date in terms of overall quality?
Nov 13, 2006Have you ever played console games using a console emulator program on your PC?
Nov 03, 2006Have you ever heard of/played any Chinese RPGs?
Oct 27, 2006What Horror Franchise Should Be Resurrected?
Oct 20, 2006I am...
Oct 13, 2006How old are you?
Oct 06, 2006What Next Gen System Do You Plan To Purchase?
Sep 29, 2006Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Hardcore Gamer?
Sep 22, 2006What's the best Black Isle CRPG?
Sep 15, 2006Which movie based off video game franchise are you most looking forward to?
Sep 08, 2006What was the best Sega Console?
Aug 30, 2006What do you do while your files upload?
Aug 23, 2006What RPG franchise most deserves a sequel?
Aug 16, 2006How did you FIRST find your way to MobyGames?
Aug 09, 2006What other items included in retail game boxes would you like to see listed and gradable on the MobyGames Have/Want list entry pages?
Aug 02, 2006Which is the scariest game? (Any version or release)
Jul 26, 2006Do you wish there was some space for your lists not reading neither "have" nor "want"?
Jul 19, 2006What do you like most to contribute to MobyGames?
Jul 12, 2006Will you buy a High Def Optical Drive?
Jul 05, 2006Do you like the MG rating system as it is now?
Jun 25, 2006What do you miss in today´s games?
Jun 17, 2006Who is your favourite Smash Brothers character?
Jun 10, 2006Have you ever played a game which was in a foreign language?
Jun 03, 2006What's your favorite current gaming magazine?
May 25, 2006Which is the best 007 game?
May 18, 2006Do you like games, that are based on TV/movie novel?
May 11, 2006Which is your favourite game of Epyx' "games" series?
May 04, 2006Do you follow the health warnings written in every manual when you play?
Apr 27, 2006Where are you from?
Apr 19, 2006Should MobyGames drop the MobyDark theme?
Apr 16, 2006Who will dominate the console market in the upcoming generation?
Apr 09, 2006Who makes/has made the best 2D Fighting Games?
Apr 02, 2006Do you rent games before buying them?
Mar 26, 2006After Macintosh which computer system would you like to see added to MobyGames next?
Mar 15, 2006Where is the best place to find extremely old and used games?
Mar 08, 2006How many times a week do you visit Moby Games?
Mar 01, 2006What's your record gaming marathon ?
Feb 22, 2006How often do you visit MobyGames?
Feb 15, 2006Do you consider yourself a serious/hardcore gamer?
Feb 08, 2006On game pages, what is missing that you would you like added most?
Feb 01, 2006How long have you been playing video games?
Jan 24, 2006Have you ever bought a game so you could add something to MobyGames about it ?
Jan 16, 2006When buying used games, how much do you care for having the complete package?
Jan 09, 2006Do you...
Jan 02, 2006So how do you like MobyGames so far?