Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 31, 2007When you contribute screenshots to MobyGames, how do you normally capture them?
Dec 24, 2007If contribution points didn't exist, would you still contribute regularly to MobyGames?
Dec 17, 2007What do you think of the GBA conversions of the SNES Donkey Kong Country series?
Dec 10, 2007Have you every used a MacIntosh computer?
Dec 03, 2007Which of these features will most influence what games you buy for the new next-generation gaming systems?
Nov 26, 2007Do you play Japanese-only games?
Nov 19, 2007Which Final Fantasy on the PS1 is your favorite?
Nov 12, 2007What is your favorite Mario RPG?
Nov 05, 2007What was the most influential late 80s/early 90s strategy game game / series?
Oct 29, 2007Which Game Console should make a come back?
Oct 22, 2007What are you most willing to sacrifice in an RPG for a good storyline?
Oct 15, 2007Out of these game series, which one's music would be good hits for MTV by being played by a hit band or singer?
Oct 08, 2007With adventure games, what kind of game do you like the most?
Oct 01, 2007Which era in personal computing best represents your favourite as far as quality, memorable games are concerned?
Sep 24, 2007When did you play your first video game?
Sep 17, 2007What's your favorite Sonic character?
Sep 10, 2007What's your preference on the currently most known disc cases?
Sep 03, 2007When games are translated into another language, the dialogue and text sometimes pick up an accent. Your thoughts?
Aug 27, 2007If a game wins "Best Game" at an awards show, who would you have come up to accept it?
Aug 20, 2007Have you ever bought Stock in a gaming company?
Aug 13, 2007What's your skill at real-time-strategy games ?
Aug 04, 2007What kind of games based off movies/series do you prefer?
Jun 25, 2007When playing war thematic games, how do you prefer them to be?
Jun 14, 2007Have you ever heard of, or played any of the Megaten games (Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, DemiKids etc.)?
Jun 07, 2007Seriously RPG fans, which do you really prefer?
May 11, 2007What do you think about games that force you to murder innocents (e.g. in some of the missions in GTA games)?
Apr 23, 2007What's your favourite 1990s game console?
Apr 16, 2007Do you go to arcades?
Apr 09, 2007Do you think that "Next Generation" consoles are a good idea in giving a new gaming experience?
Apr 02, 2007If MobyGames had an IRC channel (chat room) would you use it?
Mar 26, 2007What is your favorite GTA copy?
Mar 19, 2007Regardless of varying reasons, in the end do you prefer:
Mar 12, 2007Which is your favorite LucasArts adventure game?
Mar 05, 2007Would you like to see PC games developed that can use the Nintendo Wii-mote?
Feb 26, 2007Do you think that voice acting should be done with the correct accents i.e if a character is Japanese he should have a Japanese accent and not an American or English accent?
Feb 19, 2007What happens to your old games + manuals?
Feb 12, 2007Which design element, within an action game, is the most challenging to "get right"?
Feb 05, 2007Do you read electronic gaming magazines?
Jan 29, 2007Would you like to see MobyGames' policy regarding game descriptions relaxed? You may want to talk about this on the forum also.
Jan 22, 2007Which is the best 'Dizzy' game?
Jan 21, 2007If you are stuck, with something in a game what do you think would be the best source.
Jan 15, 2007What do you think is the most important thing in an RPG game?
Jan 08, 2007Which PC game packaging trend irks you the most?
Jan 02, 2007What is your favorite football/soccer franchise?