Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 29, 2008What would most likely make you want to return a game that you purchased?
Dec 22, 2008What's the best NES game you've ever played?
Dec 15, 2008From the games you own, how many of them are pirate versions?
Dec 08, 2008Do you consider yourself, a casual gamer?
Dec 01, 2008How long does it take you to write a review for this site?
Nov 24, 2008Which Gameboy system do you prefer?
Nov 17, 2008Of these, what is the worst system?
Nov 10, 2008How did you discover MobyGames?
Nov 03, 2008What Do You Contribute The Most To Mobygames?
Oct 27, 2008Of these, who is the best classic console character, Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Kirby, Ecco, Megaman, or Donkey Kong?
Oct 20, 2008Have you read any academic texts on video games?
Oct 13, 2008When playing games with keyboard and mouse, do you use the WASD standard for movement?
Oct 06, 2008Is there a certain video game or computer job you would like to have?
Sep 29, 2008What Phantasy Star is the best?
Sep 22, 2008What continent are you from ?
Sep 08, 2008Do you cheat?
Sep 01, 2008If you are having trouble with something in a game, what do you turn to for help?
Aug 25, 2008Which movies based upon games are best done?
Aug 18, 2008Which Classic Arcade Series do you consider most popular.
Aug 11, 2008What's your favorite gaming magazine from the past?
Aug 04, 2008Which style of graphics do you like?
Jul 28, 2008What is, in your opinion, the greatest Japanese RPG series (not including action RPGs)?
Jul 21, 2008Do you think that games with static backgrounds (i.e. Another World, Resident Evil, Alone In The Dark, Prince of Persia) as opposed to side scrollers, are a genre trait or a technological limitation?
Jul 14, 2008Which one is your favourite old school 2D graphical style, irrespective of genre or era, viewing it as a form of art?
Jun 30, 2008If you play indie games, what kind of gamer do you consider yourself? (explanation of the options)
Jun 23, 2008What game series was the best to ever come out of Bullfrog?
Jun 16, 2008What game genre (or perspective) have you never played before? Or if not applicable, never purchased before.
Jun 09, 2008So, you a PC or a Console?
Jun 02, 2008Which one of the following do you think is the greatest game boss?
May 26, 2008What's your favorite Street Fighter series on Super Nintendo?
May 19, 2008How many games do you have?
May 12, 2008What is your favorite SNK series?
May 05, 2008What's your favourite Lemmings game?
Apr 28, 2008When you buy a joystick what feature is the most important to you?
Apr 21, 2008Do you ever borrow PC/video games from your local library?
Apr 14, 2008What was your favorite Infinity Engine CRPG?
Apr 07, 2008What RPG cliche or device turns you off?
Mar 31, 2008When you have a day off, what do you do?
Mar 24, 2008Who is the "king" of the point´n click adventures?
Mar 17, 2008Are games today too full of blood and violence?
Mar 10, 2008Which of the three consoles below do you consider the best?
Mar 03, 2008Do you think, when you play video/PC games, that you might get epilepsy if you play to much?
Feb 20, 2008Do you keep demo CDs from magazines?
Feb 18, 2008Did you play The Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing?
Feb 11, 2008What is the best Tomb Raider game to date?
Feb 04, 2008How do you feel about yourself being a gamer?
Jan 28, 2008What genre most likely is NOT on you gaming buy list?
Jan 21, 2008Which featured article was well worth reading?
Jan 14, 2008When you see a really bad review in your favorite gaming magazine, what do you do?
Jan 07, 2008Do you attempt to find all secrets in video games?