Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 28, 2009If you had the possibility to honor someone with a lifetime award - which one of the following would you choose ?
Dec 21, 2009Of the following, what's your favorite development company?
Dec 14, 2009What's your favorite Lucas Games/Lucas Arts classic-adventure ?
Dec 07, 2009What's your favorite old-school RPG-series?
Nov 30, 2009Which is the best Sherlock Holmes adventure game?
Nov 23, 2009Do you play handhelds while using the toilet?
Nov 16, 2009How many e-friends do you have?
Nov 09, 2009Do you like Anime/manga games?
Nov 02, 2009With all the new portals and download options, where do you get brand new games most often now?
Oct 26, 2009To the best of your knowledge, how does game advertisement affect your opinion of the game and influence you to make (or not make) a purchase?
Oct 19, 2009If the game you bought is crappy you...?
Oct 12, 2009Do you need to look at the controller/keyboard when you play?
Oct 05, 2009Do you like to drink or eat something when you are playing?
Sep 28, 2009Have you ever used the Notes section in any of your video game manuals?
Sep 21, 2009What is your favorite "hardcore" genre?
Sep 14, 2009What difficulty do you normally play games on?
Sep 07, 2009Which is the best movie/show/game-based genre?
Aug 31, 2009Do you think single player games will eventually vanish and get replaced by multiplayer games?
Aug 24, 2009Which are better: new games or old games?
Aug 17, 2009What's your favorite way to play multiplayer?
Aug 10, 2009What console generation is your favorite?
Aug 03, 2009What Konami franchise is your favorite?
Jul 27, 2009What Capcom franchise is your favorite?
Jul 20, 2009Which game would you play in hell?
Jun 22, 2009When you buy a game do you look at the rating (ESRB, PEGI, etc..) beforehand?
Jun 15, 2009What do you look for in a game?
Jun 08, 2009Who (in your opinion) is the best Street fighter character out of the following?
Jun 01, 2009Which is the best FPS World War II series?
May 25, 2009With all the new live action blockbusters coming out, which video game series should be made into a live action summer extravaganza?
May 18, 2009Do you approve of game piracy?
May 11, 2009How frequently do you buy a new PC to keep up with the newest games?
May 04, 2009Which era of games do you like the best?
Apr 27, 2009Which game group has the better World War II real time strategy games?
Apr 20, 2009Of the following, who is your favorite horror game character?
Mar 23, 2009What is your most preferable gaming device, no matter the game genre?
Mar 16, 2009Are video games art?
Mar 09, 2009Which percentage of your contributions to Mobygames are accepted the first time you submit them ?
Mar 02, 2009Favorite Simpsons game?
Feb 23, 2009What is your favorite Grand Theft Auto game?
Feb 16, 2009Which game platform will dominate in future (5-10 years)?
Feb 09, 2009Whom of the following game designers do you find most overrated?
Feb 02, 2009What's your favorite Star Wars universe series?
Jan 26, 2009Which is the best fighting game to live movie translation?
Jan 19, 2009How many consoles do you own?
Jan 12, 2009Which do you think is the most overrated genre?
Jan 05, 2009Which spin-off game was the most fun and successful for you?