Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 27, 2010How many games do you own ?
Dec 20, 2010When you buy a brand new game do you slip the receipt in the case?
Dec 13, 2010Of the following, which fighting game series is your favorite?
Dec 06, 2010Of the following, which zombie game series do you prefer?
Nov 29, 2010What is your opinion on fanboys/girls?
Nov 15, 2010Do you eat or drink while playing games?
Nov 08, 2010What do you think about rigorous DRM in games?
Nov 01, 2010Are special/limited/collector's edition's worth buying?
Oct 25, 2010If you still remember the first game you ever played, do you still like and play it to this day?
Oct 18, 2010Do you think games sold in shops in boxes will disappear due to digital distribution?
Oct 11, 2010Are Social Network Casual Games (like Zynga's Mafia Wars) a passing fad or do you think they will have lasting power?
Oct 04, 2010What do you spend most time on doing as pertaining to MobyGames?
Sep 27, 2010Have you ever bought, rented or borrowed a game just to receive accomplishments/trophies?
Aug 30, 2010Which is your favorite NFS franchise period?
Aug 23, 2010How much are you willing to spend on a Special/Collector's/Limited Edition of a game you really want?
Aug 16, 2010Should MobyGames contributors focus mostly on latest games (released in recent months) or old ones (going even as far as to 1980s) ?
Aug 09, 2010Do you intentionally glitch in online multiplayer games? (i.e. lag-switching, hacking, etc.)
Aug 02, 2010After 11 years, do you still love your Dreamcast?
Jul 26, 2010What RPG games do you like the most?
Jul 19, 2010How does a Developer's history and portfolio of previous games affect your intent to purchase?
Jul 12, 2010Is Grand Theft Auto IV better than The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time?
Jul 05, 2010Are you a game developer?
Jun 28, 2010Should the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise be brought back to PC?
Jun 21, 2010Would you like to see Mobygames have a poll tournament similar to GameFaq's Best Game Ever poll.
May 31, 2010How important is localization -- the translation of games -- to you?
May 24, 2010If you don't get in to the game imminently do you abandon it?
May 17, 2010Of the following, which do you think is the greatest N64 game?
May 10, 2010With the new Tales of Monkey Island and The Secret of Monkey Island (Special Edition) released, which is the next Lucas Arts adventure game/franchise you'd like to see updated?
May 03, 2010Of the following, which is your favorite horror game villain/monster?
Apr 26, 2010How do you handle blindingly maddening frustration from a video game? (ie. can't solve a puzzle, losing a boss battle, getting stuck in a level)
Apr 19, 2010How important is the depiction of blood in the video games you play?
Apr 12, 2010What is your opinion on Duke Nukem Forever?
Apr 05, 2010The first time you played the original 1993 release of Doom was ...
Mar 29, 2010So how is Mass Effect 2?
Mar 22, 2010Of the following Game of the Year Edition PC games, which is your favorite?
Mar 15, 2010If you get a new game, do you watch the introduction sequence the first time you play it or do you skip it?
Mar 08, 2010Of these handheld game devices, which do you prefer?
Mar 01, 2010What's your favorite drink while contributing for MobyGames ?
Feb 22, 2010Do you think EB Games and Game Stop would get more business if they sold classic games ? Examples: 2600, NES, Gen., SNES, N-64, PSX, and so on.
Feb 15, 2010Do you like when someone is watching while you are playing?
Feb 08, 2010Of the listed, which is the best Resident Evil game?
Feb 01, 2010How many real friends you have?
Jan 25, 2010Do you play and enjoy text adventure games and interactive fiction?
Jan 18, 2010Do you like watching speedruns?
Jan 11, 2010Would you purchase a console that came with a keyboard and mouse but no gamepad? Do you prefer consoles over the PC?
Jan 04, 2010How important are multiplayer options in games to you?