Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 26, 2011What do you think hurts developers more, piracy or the sale of used games?
Dec 19, 2011What's your favorite game setting?
Dec 12, 2011What do you think of sniping?
Oct 31, 2011Do you think Electronic/Digital delivery will ever replace traditional game packaging in the future?
Oct 24, 2011Which discarded sequel do you miss most?
Oct 17, 2011Which space flight/combat simulator series would you prefer to see revived?
Oct 10, 2011How would you categorize yourself as a gamer?
Oct 03, 2011What rating scale do you think is the best for reviewing games?
Sep 26, 2011When an annoying moment occurs during a game, do you emotionally react?
Sep 19, 2011Of the following released platforms, which would you like to see added to MobyGames most?
Sep 12, 2011Compared to boxed editions, electronic editions of games should cost, at most:
Sep 05, 2011If you could work at the gaming industry, which position would you prefer the most?
Aug 29, 2011If you would rate MobyGames™ as you would rate a game review here for whatever personal reason/consideration, how many stars would you award it? [1=lowest, 5=highest]
Aug 22, 2011Games exclusive to consoles. Good or bad? (specifics for forum debate)
Aug 15, 2011Are you a male gamer or a female gamer?
Aug 08, 2011What is your favorite Sega Genesis/Megadrive add-on?
Aug 01, 2011Which part of a game is more important above all other things?
Jul 25, 2011Would you not play Mass Effect 3 if BioWare paid you not to?
Jul 18, 2011Do you ever get DLCs?
Jul 11, 2011Which is the best Ratchet and Clank start menu?
Jul 04, 2011Which is your favorite era in the Mortal Kombat Franchise?
Jun 27, 2011In your opinion, do provocative looks of attractive female video game characters give teenagers a wrong imagination of women in real life?
Jun 20, 2011Of these, which RTS series is better?
Jun 13, 2011I prefer:
Jun 06, 2011Which genre is the PC most in need of more good single-player games for?
May 30, 2011Which was your favorite game path in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis? (1992)
May 23, 2011Do you cheat?
May 16, 2011Of the following, which is the best Net Yaroze game?
May 09, 2011Which of these do you think most deserves a direct sequel?
May 02, 2011Of the following, who is your favorite Mortal Kombat character?
Apr 25, 2011Do you like having the company names appearing when you load up a game?
Apr 18, 2011Point and click adventure games are:
Apr 11, 2011When purchasing a game, do you research the title on MobyGames?
Apr 04, 2011Out of the following which is the funniest game:
Mar 28, 2011Out of the following which is the best Video Game tune:
Mar 21, 2011Collect missions (searching for items not needed for any significant purpose) : good idea or waste of time?
Feb 28, 2011Out of the following which is the top RTS Strategy?
Feb 21, 2011Out of the following which is the best weapon?
Feb 14, 2011Since Final Fantasy XIII is one of the best selling entries in a while, what do you think of it?
Feb 07, 2011What's your opinion about copy-protection/DRM?
Jan 31, 2011In recent years, have there been way too many games in the shoot 'em up and war games genres for the PlayStation console?
Jan 24, 2011Do you think collector's, limited and special editions should be integrated into the standard entry, as a section of the games rap sheet, on the MobyGames database?
Jan 17, 2011What do you think of the MobyGames genre/sub genre system?
Jan 10, 2011Xbox 360/PS3 owner's: do you try to get achievements/trophies?
Jan 03, 2011Have you read the MobyGames Standards and Practices guidelines?