Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 31, 2012What do you consider to be the best unlockable thing a game has ever offered you?
Dec 24, 2012How much time on average do you dedicate to playing games?
Dec 17, 2012Has a game ever made you cry at some point while playing?
Dec 10, 2012What are you most looking forward to in the foreseeable future?
Dec 03, 2012What is your favorite way of playing real-time strategy games?
Nov 26, 2012What's your favorite console generation?
Nov 19, 2012Did you ever pay money for in-game items that could be obtained through regular gameplay?
Nov 12, 2012What is Nintendo's finest (a.k.a. your favorite) handheld to date?
Nov 05, 2012Considering some old franchises are being brought back recently, do you think it would be a good idea to release a new chapter in the Commander Keen series?
Oct 29, 201290% of games made are FPS/shooters, but if this was to change, what genre would you like to see become the most made?
Oct 22, 2012Who will you or would you give your vote to on the upcoming presidential elections in the United States?
Oct 08, 2012What is the maximum number of copies of same game that you own? (e.g. you bought a game for PS2, then PC release with included DLCs, then as a part of trilogy, then as HD release for PS3)
Oct 01, 2012Have you already pledged money to a project on Kickstarter?
Aug 17, 2012Do you read user-contributed reviews on your favourite games on MobyGames?
Jul 30, 2012About the game X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, released by Super Nintendo, do you think would be better if each character had its own ending, or a generic ending was better?
Jul 23, 2012Out of Sony PlayStation series, which device do you find to have featured (or will still feature) the best games in your opinion?
Jul 16, 2012Was the shutting down of MegaUpload a good or bad decision?
Jul 09, 2012Which cowboy would win this death-match?
Jul 02, 2012What do you think of next-gen Sonic games?
Jun 25, 2012What was, in your opinion, the Golden Age of Western RPGs?
Jun 18, 2012In your opinion, which time period gave us the best video games?
Jun 11, 2012What is your favorite Elder Scrolls game?
Jun 04, 2012When did your all-time-favorite game get released?
May 28, 2012Why didn't you buy a 3ds???
May 21, 2012Taking everything into account, it'd be best if most big budget games would be released on:
May 14, 2012What's your favorite type of 3D shooter?
May 07, 2012Which type of RPG do you want to become most dominant in the future?
Apr 30, 2012 Which of these would be the best in battle??
Apr 23, 2012What should the next game in the Quake series be like?
Apr 16, 2012Which part of the game Waxwork (1992) do you find the most interesting?
Apr 09, 2012Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War 2 - Retribution, what are your first impressions?
Apr 02, 2012Which of these is most dangerous to handheld game systems?
Mar 26, 2012Of the following, what is your favorite game genre?
Mar 19, 2012When you play games, you usually play:
Mar 12, 2012When you play Mass Effect games, what gender do you assign to Commander Sheppard when first time playing?
Mar 05, 2012Which of these is the most underrated?
Feb 27, 2012Best Star Wars for Super Nintendo?
Feb 20, 2012Real time strategy, role playing game, real time strategy with role playing game elements... the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War games differ from time to time. Which kind of game do you like most?
Feb 13, 2012When playing a game that lets you focus on squad or at least two character control, what is your control preference for other characters beside your main protagonist?
Feb 06, 2012How do you prefer to play story-driven games the most?