Past Polls

Date of Poll Question
Dec 30, 2013Grumpy Old Gamer: Which gaming theme are you most fed up or disinterested with?
Aug 26, 2013How important are graphics to you in games?
Jun 03, 2013Which kind of jobs have you done in the development of (a) game(s)?
May 27, 2013Do you use emulators?
May 20, 2013Do you pirate games?
May 13, 2013In your opinion, which Nintendo console system is the best?
May 06, 2013In your opinion, what's the best console or handheld manufacturer?
Apr 29, 2013Which is your favorite incarnation of Ryu in Breath Of Fire series?
Apr 15, 2013Of the Nintendo handheld systems, in your opinion, what's the best one?
Apr 08, 2013How do you feel about quality and play-ability of video games released in 2012?
Apr 01, 2013Which is your favourite retro final fantasy game?
Mar 25, 2013Which of these alternatives to the traditional console iterations do you think has the most chance to become a success?
Mar 18, 2013Assuming the game has translated in-game texts and uses subtitles to your preferred language, how do you prefer voice-acting?
Mar 11, 2013Considering the limited success of Soldier of Fortune: Payback, would you like to see a fourth chapter of the Soldier of Fortune series?
Mar 04, 2013Have you ever contributed user-created game content? (own levels, maps, models, scenarios etc.)
Feb 25, 2013Which country/region do you think produces the best games?
Feb 18, 2013Which of the following would be the fairest way for the developer and publisher (if different) to split the sales profits? (The "certain amount" specified below implies a reasonable profit margin.)
Feb 11, 2013Out of all the games you ever played which weren't legally free at the time, how many were legally purchased? (Gifts count.)
Feb 04, 2013World War II, fight against terrorism, now and them some corporate troopers. Shooters have become boring in the last few years. What would be the shooter setting of your choice?
Jan 28, 2013In your opinion, what Grand Theft Auto installment was the best?
Jan 21, 2013What do you think was the strongest overall role-playing game from 1990-1995?
Jan 14, 2013Which type of sport game you like to play the most?
Jan 07, 2013Should MobyGames utilize game groups to track compilations in the future? See this group as example.