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Bust-A-Move Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Bust-a-Move series

All games in the Bust-a-move / Puzzle Bobble series, a spin-off from Bubble Bobble.

Games in group: Bust-A-Move, Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition, Bust-A-Move 4, Bust-A-Move '99, Bust-A-Move Bash!, Bust-a-Move Deluxe and 7 more...

Bust A Groove PlayStation Front Cover

Games in group: Bust A Groove and Bust a Groove 2

B.A.T. DOS Front Cover
Game Group: B.A.T. series

Games in group: B.A.T. and The Koshan Conspiracy

Arctic Moves DOS Front Cover
Game Group: Moves series

A series of military-themed platform-shooters by Dinamic, featuring the adventures of hardened Special Forces grunt Derdhal McArra. (A fourth Moves...

Games in group: Arctic Moves, Army Moves and Navy Moves

Game Group: Next Move Series

A series of Casino and Card games developed by Capstone Software and published by IntraCorp

Games in group: Anyone for Cards? and Casino Tournament of Champions

A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars Windows Front Cover
Game Group: A.I.M. series

Science fiction action/RPGs and racing games by SkyRiver Studios about robotic creatures on the planet Polygon-4.

Games in group: A.I.M. 2: Clan Wars, A.I.M.: Artificial Intelligence Machines and A.I.M. Racing

Bug! Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Bug! series

Games in group: Bug! and Bug Too!

Banana NES Front Cover
Game Group: Mole Mole series

Puzzle games in which a mole has to collect fruits before reaching the exit of a stage.

Games in group: Banana, Mole Mole and Mole Mole 2

Ages of Myst Macintosh Front Cover
Game Group: Myst series

Myst is a series of adventure games originally created by the brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, and developed by Cyan,...

Games in group: Ages of Myst, Myst, Myst: 10th Anniversary DVD Edition, Myst Complete (I-V), Myst III: Exile, Myst III: Exile (Collector's Edition) and 19 more...