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5 Pack: Limited Edition DOS Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: SCUMM

In 1987, Lucasarts designed the SCUMM engine (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) for their game Maniac Mansion. Since then,...

Games in group: 5 Pack: Limited Edition, Backyard Baseball, Backyard Baseball 2001, Backyard Baseball 2003, Backyard Football 2002, Backyard Soccer and 62 more...

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: Sith

The Sith engine is the successor to the Jedi Engine and was originally developed for Jedi Knight. The engine also...

Games in group: Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Star Wars: DroidWorks, Star Wars: Jedi Knight (Bundle), Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II and Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith

White Mouse iPhone Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: SIO2

Games using a version of SIO2, a Free Open Source 3D Engine for iPhone and iPod Touch. It can also...

Games in group: White Mouse

Commodore Format Power Pack 42 Commodore 64 Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: SEUCK

Games made using Sensible Software's Shoot 'em up Construction Kit.

Games in group: Amadeus Revenge, Bob Nixie and The Castle of the Illusion, The Canals of Mars, Ciuffy, Commodore Format Power Pack 42, Crazy Car and 10 more...

Atlantis Macintosh Front Cover
Game Group: Game engine: PTK

Games made using the cross-platform PTK game engine by Phelios Inc..

Games in group: Atlantis, Atlantis Sky Patrol, Azada, Azada: Ancient Magic, Deluxe PocMon, Fairies and 2 more...

2 Tasty Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: HGE

Games using any version of Haaf's Game Engine (HGE) used to develop 2D games. Related links Haaf's Game Engine (official...

Games in group: 2 Tasty, Alien Outbreak 2: Invasion, Beat Hazard, Hammerfight, The Mirror Mysteries, Which Witch is Which? and 1 more...

Breakers DOS Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: BTZ

Synapse Software's William Mataga and Steve Hales spent much of 1984-1985 designing a new "predictive" text adventure parser to incorporate...

Games in group: Breakers, Brimstone, Essex and Mindwheel

Cubert Badbone, P.I. Windows Front Cover

Games made using Hungry Software's open source adventure game development application suite, named SLUDGE (Scripting Language for Unhindered Development of...

Games in group: Cubert Badbone, P.I., Frasse and the Peas of Kejick, The Game That Takes Place on a Cruise Ship, Life Flashes By and Out of Order

Gyossait Browser Front Cover

Games made using the Stencyl game creation platform. It was first publicly released on 31st May 2011. It is used...

Games in group: Gyossait

Blitzkrieg Windows Front Cover

Games using either the original Blitzkrieg RTS engine or a modified version of it.

Games in group: Blitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg 2, Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology, Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation, Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon, Blitzkrieg: Green Devils and 18 more...

Elvira DOS Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: AGOS

Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time around as he did between graphical text adventures Seas of Blood and Blizzard...

Games in group: Elvira, Elvira II: The Jaws of Cerberus, Elvira's Horror Pack, The Feeble Files, Simon the Sorcerer, Simon the Sorcerer I & II and 4 more...

Outlaws Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: Jedi

The Jedi Engine is a game engine developed primarily by Ray Gresko for LucasArts. The engine was primarily significant as...

Games in group: Outlaws, Outlaws: Handful of Missions and Star Wars: Dark Forces

Game Group: Game Engine: Alan

Alan is one of two (V2 and V3) mutually incompatible interactive fiction authoring systems under the same name, developed in...

Games in group: A Matter of Time, The Child Murderer and The Hollywood Murders

Game Group: Game Engine: HOPA

Games using the HOPA engine (original or modified) by Alawar Entertainment, Inc., used for making hidden object adventure games.

Games in group: None

1893: A World's Fair Mystery Macintosh Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: TADS

TADS (Text Adventure Development System) is an Interactive Fiction software platform originally released in 1987 as shareware and in 1996...

Games in group: 1893: A World's Fair Mystery, Above and Beyond!, At Wit's End, Babel, BAD_MACHINE\, Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces and 11 more...

Chasing Aurora Wii U Front Cover

Games using a version of the proprietary Ginkgo 2D game engine (original or modified) developed by Broken Rules Interactive Media...

Games in group: Chasing Aurora and Secrets of Rætikon

Shatter Linux Front Cover

Games using a version of the Stencil game technology, developed by Sidhe Interactive. Related links Stencil (official website)

Games in group: Shatter

Arcadia Browser Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: Twine

This group includes games made using Chris Klimas' free tool Twine (and the command-line Twee) for making simple hypertext narratives,...

Games in group: Arcadia, Behind Closed Doors 5, Cherry Creek, Depression Quest, The Entropy Cage, Fear of Twine and 5 more...

Aventura Pirata iPad Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: Quest

Games made using a version of Alex Warren's Quest interactive fiction framework.

Games in group: Aventura Pirata, Cloak of Darkness, Escape from Byron Bay and The Things that Go Bump in the Night

Starborn Browser Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: Undum

Games made using I.D. Millington's Undum framework for authoring Choose-Your-Own-Adventure hyperfiction games and stories in the web browser.

Games in group: The Cavity of Time, Mark of the Ninja teaser, Masters of Constantinople, The Matter of the Monster, Starborn and 1 more...

And You Will Be Fit For More Than Ashes Windows Front Cover

Games developed using the Game Maker toolkit, written in Delphi by Mark Overmars (now developed and distributed by YoYo Games)...

Games in group: Ad Nauseam 2, All of Our Friends are Dead, And You Will Be Fit For More Than Ashes, The Angry Video Game Nerd in Pixel Land Blast, Arc & Malice, Assassin Blue and 165 more...

Galaxy on Fire iPhone Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: ABYSS

Games using Fishlabs' ABYSS Mobile Games Engine.

Games in group: Galaxy on Fire, Powerboat Challenge, Rally Master Pro and Star Wars: Imperial Ace

Game Group: Game Engine: AGAST

This group is for games made using the freeware adventure game development system AGAST (Adventure Game Authoring System).

Games in group: AfterShocked!, The Breakdown and Eye of the Kraken

140 Linux Front Cover
Game Group: Game Engine: Unity

Games developed using the multiplatform game development tool Unity. The most recent release of the engine (4.5, dating to May...

Games in group: 140, 1916: Der unbekannte Krieg, The 39 Steps, 4PM, Aeon Command, Ærena: Clash of Champions and 247 more...

Crusader Kings Windows Front Cover

Games using the engine developed by Paradox Interactive, first introduced in Europa Universalis (2000) and mainly used for strategy games....

Games in group: Crusader Kings, Crusader Kings Complete, Crusader Kings: Deus Vult with Europa Universalis II, Europa Universalis, Europa Universalis II, Europa Universalis II: Asia Chapters and 16 more...

Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya Windows Front Cover GamersGate release
Game Group: Game Engine: CPAL2

Games using the CPAL2 Engine of Czech developer Centauri Production s.r.o.

Games in group: Fairy Tale about Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya and The Fifth Disciple

Darkwind: War on Wheels Windows Front Cover

Games based on the Torque Engine, originally developed by Dynamix and later maintained by GarageGames.

Games in group: Dark Horizons: Lore, Darkwind: War on Wheels, Determinance, Dimension M: Evolver, EASe Funhouse: Treasure Hunt!, Hinterland and 20 more...

Air Pressure Browser Front Cover

Ren'Py is a free and cross-platform visual novel engine for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. It supports both NVL and ADV...

Games in group: 1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum, Air Pressure, Analogue: A Hate Story, Bionic Heart, Date Warp, Digital: A Love Story and 10 more...

The 11th Hour DOS Front Cover

Games using a version of the Groovie engine (original or modified), used especially in the mid to late nineties for...

Games in group: The 11th Hour, The 7th Guest, Clandestiny, Tender Loving Care and Uncle Henry's Playhouse

Z-Type Browser Front Cover

Games using a version of the Impact game engine (original or modified) by Dominic Szablewski. It is a JavaScript library...

Games in group: Biolab Disaster and Z-Type

Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final Cut Windows Front Cover

Games using a version of the CINERGY engine (original of modified) developed by Arxel Tribe. It features real-time 3D Characters...

Games in group: Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final Cut, Casanova: The Duel of the Black Rose and Ring II: Twilight of the Gods

Alternativa Windows Front Cover

Games using the CPAL3D Engine of the Czech developer Centauri Production s.r.o. External links Official website (in the Internet Archive)...

Games in group: Alternativa, Evil Days of Luckless John, Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris, Memento Mori, Memento Mori 2: Wächter der Unsterblichkeit, Numen: Contest of Heroes and 1 more...

Matchball Windows Front Cover

Games created using the Gamestudio is the first all-in-the-box game development system, created by Conitec Datasystems, Inc

Games in group: Kabus 22, Matchball, USA Bass Championship and The Wonderful End of the World

Amy Xbox 360 Front Cover

Games using a version of PhyreEngine, a cross platform game engine from Sony Computer Entertainment for the PC, PSP and...

Games in group: Amy, The Baconing, Bound by Flame, Burn, Zombie Burn!, Critter Crunch , DeathSpank and 14 more...

TowerFall Ouya Front Cover

Games using a version of the Monocle open source game engine (original or modified) developed by Matt Thorson, built on...

Games in group: TowerFall and TowerFall Ascension

The Crack of Doom DOS Front Cover

The Inglish system was developed for Beam Software's 1982 adaptation of The Hobbit. As well as its sophisticated language parser...

Games in group: The Crack of Doom, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Hobbit, The Shadows of Mordor and Sherlock

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals Windows Front Cover

Games made using the Nebulaquest C++ game engine OPALIUM for Windows. A Macintosh version is in development.

Games in group: Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, Paradise and Sinking Island

The Dreamhold Browser Front Cover

The iOS versions of these platform-independent Z-code games were brought to mobile Apple devices through the work of Andrew "Zarf"...

Games in group: The Dreamhold, Shade and The Warbler's Nest

Grand Prix Linux Front Cover

Games using a version of the BlitzMax game engine for Windows, Macintosh and Linux games. It contains a BlitzMax compiler,...

Games in group: Grand Prix

Awesomenauts Linux Front Cover

Games using a version of the proprietary 2D RoniTech engine by Ronimo Games BV.

Games in group: Awesomenauts, Awesomenauts Assemble! and Swords & Soldiers


Games designed with Recreational Software Designs' DOS-based graphical game creation system, Game-Maker (aka RSD Game-Maker).

Games in group: Adam the New Age Warrior in "Time After Time", A-J's Quest, Barracuda: Secret Mission 1, Big Bob's Drive-In, Blinky 2, Dino Hunt and 5 more...

3 Stars of Destiny Windows Front Cover

Games that were created using any version of the RPG Maker toolkit. Related game group Maker / Tsukuru games, for...

Games in group: 3 Stars of Destiny, A Blurred Line, Always Sometimes Monsters, Asguaard, Attack of the Mutant Zombies, Aveyond and 40 more...

A Day At Work Macintosh Front Cover

Apple released the third developer release of their visual programming application, Cocoa, in 1998. It was created by the Advanced...

Games in group: A Day At Work, Adventure Joe, Alien Conspiracy, Games That Didn't Make It, Gardyloo Golf, Reaper Arena and 2 more...

Boomerang Sports Peteca Zeebo Front Cover

Games using Tectoy Digital's CrazyBall Engine.

Games in group: Boomerang Sports Peteca, Boomerang Sports Queimada, Boomerang Sports Tênis and Boomerang Sports Vôlei


Games made using Ambrosia Software and Beenox's Coldstone engine, which has been discontinued.

Games in group: Cosmic Memory and Pillars of Garendall

Another Day at Work: Wednesday Macintosh Front Cover

Games made using Clickteam's 1994 DIY game toolkit, published by Maxis, Europress and Ubisoft. Klik & Play was succeeded by...

Games in group: 100-in-one Klik & Play Pirate Kart, Another Day at Work: Wednesday, Baba Booey's Adventure, The Bitter End, The Bogus Guru, Bouncing Bombs and 18 more...

Space Pirates and Zombies Linux Front Cover

Games using a version of the Torque 2D open source engine (original or modified) developed by GarageGames. It uses the...

Games in group: Space Pirates and Zombies