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The Adventures of Lomax Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Lemmings series

Originally developed by DMA Design, Lemmings is a series of real-time strategy puzzle games involving careless jack-of-all-trades green-haired rodents, content...

Games in group: 3D Lemmings Winterland, The Adventures of Lomax, Holiday Lemmings, Lemmings, Lemmings 2: The Tribes, Lemmings 3D and 15 more...

Creepers DOS Front Cover
Game Group: Lemmings variants

Games whose core gameplay attributes parallel those established in DMA's blockbuster Lemmings -- giving jobs to little creatures navigating a...

Games in group: Creepers, DHTML Lemmings, Diggers, Diggers 2: Extractors, Diggers & Oscar, Dinosaur'Us and 18 more...