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3-D Frog Man Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Pac-Man variants

This group contains all unofficial Pac-Man coin-op conversions, as well as variants that offer similar gameplay but different graphics and/or...

Games in group: 1849 Gold Rush, 3-Demon, 3-D Frog Man, 3-D Glooper, 3D Maze Man: Amazing Adventures, 3D Ms. Maze: Tropical Adventures and 175 more...

Buster Bros. Collection PlayStation Front Cover
Game Group: Pang variants

Games that feature the gameplay of Pang, first exhibited in the game Cannon Ball by Hudson. The player(s) need to...

Games in group: 6-in-1, Bubble Trouble, Buster Bros. Collection, Cannon Ball, Ooops Up, Pang and 7 more...

Apple Panic Apple II Front Cover
Game Group: Panic variants

Games directly inspired by the arcade game Space Panic or similar ladder-scaling, pickaxe-wielding games.

Games in group: Alien Panic, Apple Panic, Battle Lode Runner, Bonka, Championship Lode Runner, Cuthbert Goes Digging and 23 more...

Game Group: Bagman variants

Bagman is an arcade game made by Valadon Automation in 1982. The main character works in a mine, where he...

Games in group: Bagitman, Bagman and Gilligan's Gold

Pooyan NES Front Cover
Game Group: Pooyan variants

Konami's Pooyan was a fairly popular arcade game of the early eighties, where you control a pig riding in an...

Games in group: Outback and Pooyan

Warlords Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Warlords variant

Games based on the concept of Atari's 1980 arcade game Warlords.

Games in group: Castle Crisis, Lords of War, Medieval Mayhem, Warlords and 1 more...

Dr. Luigi Wii U Front Cover
Game Group: Dr. Mario variants

Dr. Mario is a falling block puzzle game, first released in 1990 in Tetris's wake. The falling blocks are traditionally...

Games in group: Dr. Luigi, Dr. Mario, Dr. Mario 64, Dr. Mario Express, Dr. Mario Online Rx, Dr. Mario & Puzzle League and 4 more...


In Irem's coin-op Moon Patrol, you control an armour moon buggy and must make your way across the rocky surface...

Games in group: Jeep, Jeep Command, Lunar Rover Patrol, Moon Buggy, Moon-Buggy, Moon Hopper and 6 more...

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Puyo Puyo variants

Games with the style of gameplay introduced by Puyo Puyo. Falling blocks consisting of two coloured blob are rotated and...

Games in group: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Kidō Gekidan Haro Ichiza: Haro no Puyo Puyo, MacPuyo 2, Minskies: The Abduction, Nazo Puyo, Nazo Puyo 2 and 21 more...

Aaron's Ping-Pong Xbox 360 Front Cover
Game Group: Pong variants

Games based on Pong, involving a ball and two paddles. Limitations Games simulating the air hockey sport, which has similarities...

Games in group: 20 em 1, Aaron's Ping-Pong, Aceball, Action 52, A Game of Hockey, A Game of Tennis and 56 more...

Game Group: Pengo variants

Games based on or inspired by Coreland's arcade game, Pengo, where the main character moves around blocks to squash or...

Games in group: Atom Smasher, Do-Do, Eskimo Eddie, Freez' Bees, Ice Block, Iceblox and 15 more...

Fruity Frank MSX Front Cover
Game Group: Mr. Do variants

Games with gameplay similar to Universal's 1981 arcade game Mr. Do!.

Games in group: Fruity Frank, Mr Dig, Mr. Dig, Mr. Do! and Video Game Anthology Vol. 10: Mr. Do! + Mr. Do! v.s Unicorns!

Droplitz Windows Front Cover

This group contains games with gameplay similar to the gameplay found in the Pipe Dream / Pipe Mania series.

Games in group: Affili8!, Droplitz, Gorby's Pipeline, PipeFun, PipeFun 2, Pipeline and 12 more...

Alpine Tram Ride DOS Front Cover

Games featuring gameplay similar to that of the code-breaking board game Mastermind.

Games in group: A Labyrinth Game / Supermind, Alpine Tram Ride, Atari Master Mind, Bagels, Codebreaker, Code Breaker and 40 more...

AirXonix Windows Front Cover
Game Group: QIX variants

Basing upon the arcade game of the same name, you are in control of a marker of some sort and...

Games in group: AirXonix, AntiXonix, Bully, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Bully (Special Edition), Cacoma Knight in Bizyland and 30 more...

Alien Typhoon Apple II Front Cover
Game Group: Galaxian variants

Galaxian, developed by Namco in 1979, was the first major evolution in shoot'em'ups after Taito's Space Invaders. In Galaxian, the...

Games in group: Alien Attack, Alien Typhoon, Arcade Classic 3: Galaga / Galaxian, Astromilon, Bandits!, CHAMP Galaxia and 16 more...

Plot's Atari 8-bit Front Cover
Game Group: Plotting variants

Games that use the play style of Plotting, an arcade puzzle game by Taito.

Games in group: Flipull, Plot, Plot's, Plots!, Plots! 2, Plotting and 3 more...

Amazing Tater Game Boy Front Cover
Game Group: Soko-Ban variants

This group is for strategic puzzle games inspired by Soko-ban, where you have to move crates to defined positions on...

Games in group: Amazing Tater, ASokoban, Bait, Blockhead, Block-O-Mania, Block Rogue and 58 more...