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World in Conflict Windows Front Cover

The World in Conflict games are real-time strategy games in an alternate history there the Soviet Union is attacking the...

Games in group: World in Conflict, World in Conflict (Collector's Edition), World in Conflict: Complete Edition and World in Conflict: Soviet Assault

Now Games 2 Commodore 64 Front Cover
Game Group: Now Games series

Virgin Games series of compilations for the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum.

Games in group: Now Games, Now Games 2, Now Games 3, Now Games 4 and Now Games 5

Mega Games 2 Genesis Front Cover
Game Group: Mega Games series

Compilations of games that were bundled with Megadrive in Europe. Some of them made it under another name in the...

Games in group: Mega Games 10, Mega Games 2, Mega Games 3, Mega Games 6 Vol. 1, Mega Games 6 Vol. 2, Mega Games 6 Vol. 3 and 2 more...

California Games DOS Front Cover

Contains games from all the Epyx olympiad-style games (games where you compete in a variety of events against other players...

Games in group: California Games, California Games II, The Games: Summer Edition, The Games: Winter Edition, Summer Games, Summer Games II and 3 more...

Global Conflicts: Latin America Macintosh Front Cover

A series of educational games developed by Serious Games Interactive that attempt to inform players about various conflicts and human...

Games in group: Global Conflicts: Latin America and Global Conflicts: Palestine