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Incentive Software's 1988 game-making engine, building on the success of its GAC engine, both by Sean Ellis, helped midwife several...

Games in group: Blackscar Mountain, The Blag, Chiropodist in Hell, Dead or Alive...?, Death Camp, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and 5 more...

Deadenders Commodore 64 Front Cover

Incentive Software's 1985 game-making engine, while not as widely used as contemporary competitor the Quill, still ushered in the production...

Games in group: A Dark Sky Over Paradise, A Lenda da Gávea, Arnold the Adventurer, Beneath Folly, Conan: "Spotkanie w krypcie", Deadenders and 23 more...

Assault On Vampire Island Browser Front Cover

Series of text-based adventure multiple-choice games written in the Smash language. The player doesn't type in commands, but chooses one...

Games in group: Assault On Vampire Island, The Early Years, Escape!, Fantasy Quest, The Mystery of Brackly Hall, Outlaws of the Sierra Nevadas and 2 more...


A group of text adventures published for the Commodore 16, Plus/4 computer by MicroDeal. Many were also published for the...

Games in group: Castle Dracula: Adventure 5, Jerusalem: Adventure 2, Mansion: Adventure 1, Ultimate: Adventure 4 and Williamsburg: Adventure 3

Kingdom Without End Browser Front Cover

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format text adventure games designed using Jon Ingold's Windows "Adventure Book" development engine, capable of compiling executables for MS-DOS...

Games in group: Adventure Book (included games), The Great Machine and Kingdom Without End

5 Days a Stranger Windows Front Cover

The Adventure Game Studio (AGS) engine is a freeware tool created by British programmer Chris Jones, officially released in 1999...

Games in group: 1213: Episode 1, 1213: Episode 2, 1213: Episode 3, 1213: Special Edition, 1 Day a Mosquito, 5 Days a Stranger and 252 more...

American McGee presents Bad Day LA Windows Front Cover

Bubble Dizzy Commodore 64 Front Cover

Games which feature the Dizzy character, but are not object-manipulation based adventures, instead being simple arcade games.

Games in group: Bubble Dizzy, Fast Food and Kwik Snax