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Game Group: Games made in STOS

STOS was an extremely popular programming language for amateurs on the Atari ST, designed by François Lionet and published by...

Games in group: Billy Boy, Fun School 3: for the over 7s, Island Strike: The Ultimate Conflict, Jumble Up, Mind Warp, Mr Dice and 5 more...

Mappy NES Front Cover
Game Group: Mappy games

Games starring Namco's character, Mappy, and its sequels.

Games in group: Mappy, Mappy Kids, Mappy-Land, Microsoft Revenge of Arcade, Namco Museum 50th Anniversary, Namco Museum Vol. 2 and 1 more...

Alleyway Game Boy Front Cover
Game Group: Mario games

This group contains all games prominently featuring the Italian-American plumber Mario, a fictional character created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario is...

Games in group: Alleyway, All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros., Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Classics, Donkey Kong Jr. / Jr. Sansuu Lesson and 174 more...