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Game Group: Tim & Beer series

Tim & Beer is a Dutch children's series for the CD-i about a boy Tim and his teddy bear who...

Games in group: Tim & Beer bij de Film, Tim & Beer in de Haven and Tim & Beer op het Vliegveld

Game Group: Time Trap series

Time Trap by Gem Software was supposed to be the first part in a trilogy about the exploits of spacefaring...

Games in group: Space Trap and Time Trap

Revenge of the Titans Linux Front Cover
Game Group: Titan series

Series of games revolving around Titans (inhabitants of Saturn's moon Titan) that try to invade the earth and the subsequent...

Games in group: Revenge of the Titans and Titan Attacks!

B.A.T. DOS Front Cover
Game Group: B.A.T. series

Games in group: B.A.T. and The Koshan Conspiracy

Tales of Destiny PlayStation Front Cover
Game Group: Tales series

Tales is a series of Japanese role-playing games originally developed by Wolf Team and published by Namco. The games in...

Games in group: Tales of Destiny, Tales of Destiny 2, Tales of Destiny II, Tales of Eternia (Premium Box), Tales of Graces, Tales of Graces f and 16 more...

Game Group: Berks series

A collection of games written by Jon Williams.

Games in group: Baby Berks, Berks, Berks 3: They're Angry!, The Berks Trilogy and Major Blink: Berks 2

Starsiege: Tribes Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Tribes series

Tribes is a series of first-person shooters set in the Metaltech universe, which evolved from Starsiege: Tribes (1998). The games...

Games in group: Starsiege: Tribes, Tribes 2, Tribes Action Pack, Tribes: Aerial Assault, Tribes: Ascend, Tribes: Vengeance and 1 more...

Bedlam DOS Front Cover
Game Group: Bedlam series

Games which are part of the isometric shooter series from Mirage Technologies (Multimedia) Ltd.

Games in group: Bedlam and Bedlam 2: Absolute Bedlam

Bounder Commodore 64 Front Cover
Game Group: Bounder series

Games in group: Bounder and Re-Bounder

Bug! Windows Front Cover
Game Group: Bug! series

Games in group: Bug! and Bug Too!

Game Group: Trigger series

Games in group: Trigger and Trigger 2

Berzerk Atari 2600 Front Cover
Game Group: Berzerk series

Stern Electronics series of arcade shooters. Players control a humanoid on an alien planet trying to escape a prison maze...

Games in group: Berzerk and Frenzy