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Mahjong Taikai III: Millennium League PlayStation 2 Front Cover

A series of mahjong games in which the player competes against historical characters.

Games in group: Mahjong Taikai, Mahjong Taikai II, Mahjong Taikai III: Millennium League, Mahjong Taikai II Special and Super Mahjong Taikai


A series of adult, story-driven mahjong games set in a medieval fantasy world.

Games in group: Mahjong Fantasia, Mahjong Fantasia 2 and Mahjong Fantasia: The 3rd Stage


A series of mahjong games featuring digitized photos of Japanese actresses, with sexually suggestive or borderline adult content.

Games in group: Sexy Idol Mahjong, Sexy Idol Mahjong: Fashion Monogatari and Sexy Idol Mahjong: Yakyūken no Uta

Super Real Mahjong PI Arcade Front Cover

A series of mahjong games by SETA Corporation, originally released in the arcades. Most of the games have basic one-on-one...

Games in group: Real Mahjong Adventure: Umi e Summer Waltz, Super Real Mahjong Dōsōkai, Super Real Mahjong Graffiti, Super Real Mahjong P7, Super Real Mahjong PI, Super Real Mahjong PII and 11 more...

4 Nin Uchi Mahjong NES Front Cover

Computer game adaptations of the Chinese game mahjong (historically written 麻雀, maque, also meaning "sparrow"; modern Mandarin Chinese uses 麻将,...

Games in group: 4 Nin Uchi Mahjong, Animahjong V3, Animahjong X Perfect, Bishōjo Janshi Idol Pai, Bishōjo Janshi Suchie-Pai, CD Mahjong Bishōjo Chūshinha and 82 more...