Worst Games by Critic Score

# Game Platform Critic Score
1st Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Windows 7
2nd Action 52 NES 8
3rd Pizza Dude Windows 10
4th Chiller NES 11
4th Where's Waldo? NES 11
6th Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 3DO 12
7th Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game NES 13
8th Extreme Paintbrawl Windows 14
8th TV total präsentiert Wok WM Windows 14
10th Heroes of the Lance NES 15
10th Shadow: War of Succession 3DO 15
10th Crazy School: Schulverweis! Windows 15
13th Erotica Island Windows 16
13th Elf Bowling 1&2 Nintendo DS 16
13th Legend of Zord Windows 16
16th Dick Tracy Commodore 64 17
16th SAS Anti-Terror Force Windows 17
16th Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust PlayStation 3 17
16th Ninjabread Man Wii 17
16th Final Fantasy: All The Bravest iPhone 17