Worst Games by Critic Score

# Game Platform Critic Score
1st Final Fantasy: All The Bravest iPhone 17
2nd Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Windows 21
2nd Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Windows 21
4th Valhalla Chronicles Windows 25
5th Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars Windows 26
6th SNK VS. CAPCOM Card Fighters DS Nintendo DS 29
7th Shattered Light Windows 31
8th Hydlide NES 32
9th Bonez Adventures: Tomb of Fulaos Windows 35
10th Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files - Spirit Detective Game Boy Advance 36
11th Hazard Windows 37
11th Traysia Genesis 37
13th The Broken Land Windows 38
14th NightStone Windows 39
14th Fort Zombie Windows 39
16th Mistmare Windows 40
16th The Red Crystal: The Seven Secrets of Life DOS 40
16th DeathKeep Windows 40
16th The Legend of Alon D'ar PlayStation 2 40
20th MetalHeart: Replicants Rampage Windows 41