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Worst Games by MobyRank

# Game MobyRank
1st Yaris 20
2nd Rogue Warrior 22
2nd Self-Defense Training Camp 22
2nd Ride to Hell: Retribution 22
5th Hulk Hogan's Main Event 23
5th Deca Sports Freedom 23
7th Fast & Furious: Showdown 25
8th Fighters Uncaged 26
9th Jumper: Griffin's Story 28
9th Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust 28
11th Dream Chronicles 29
12th Rambo: The Video Game 30
12th Thor: God of Thunder 30
14th Amy 31
14th The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific 31
14th Bomberman: Act: Zero 31
14th Truth or Lies 31
18th Shellshock 2: Blood Trails 32
18th Quantum Theory 32
20th Lucha Fury 33