Worst Games by Critic Score

# Game Platform Critic Score
1st WEC Le Mans Commodore 64 29
2nd Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NES 34
3rd Shackled Commodore 64 35
4th After Burner II Commodore 64 36
5th Hellfire Attack Amiga 40
5th Dugger Amiga 40
7th Game Over II Atari ST 41
7th Keith Courage in Alpha Zones TurboGrafx-16 41
7th The Real Ghostbusters Amiga 41
7th Roy of the Rovers Commodore 64 41
11th Double Dragon Commodore 64 43
11th After Burner II Amiga 43
11th RoadBlasters Commodore 64 43
11th Hellfire Attack Atari ST 43
15th Winter Challenge: World Class Competition Commodore 64 44
15th Journey to the Center of the Earth Amiga 44
17th Goal! NES 45
17th WWF Wrestlemania NES 45
17th Blade Eagle 3-D SEGA Master System 45
20th Street Fighter Atari ST 46