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Worst Games by Critic Score

# Game Platform Critic Score
1st Taboo: The Sixth Sense NES 22
2nd ICW Wrestling Amiga 25
3rd ALF SEGA Master System 30
4th AAARGH! Commodore 64 33
4th Back to the Future NES 33
6th Garfield: Winter's Tail Amiga 38
7th Tom & Jerry Amiga 41
8th Airwolf NES 42
8th Deep Blue TurboGrafx-16 42
10th AAARGH! ZX Spectrum 44
10th Red Heat Commodore 64 44
12th Titan Amiga 45
12th Xybots Commodore 64 45
14th Friday the 13th NES 47
14th Alex Kidd: High-Tech World SEGA Master System 47
14th Chase H.Q. Commodore 64 47
14th Time Soldiers Amiga 47
14th Wild Streets Atari ST 47
19th Jordan vs Bird: One on One NES 48
19th Dead Angle SEGA Master System 48