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Worst by Year > 1990

Worst Games by MobyRank

# Game Platform MobyRank
1st Sword of Sodan Genesis 30
2nd Fighting Soccer Amiga 31
3rd Wipe-Out Amiga 34
4th Total Recall NES 35
5th 5th Gear Amiga 36
5th Sullivan Bluth Presents Dragon's Lair NES 36
7th Geisha Amiga 37
8th Adidas Championship Football Commodore 64 38
9th S.T.U.N. Runner Amiga 39
9th Techno Cop Genesis 39
11th Airstrike USA Amiga 40
12th S.T.U.N. Runner Commodore 64 41
12th Remote Control NES 41
14th Renaissance Amiga 43
15th Chase H.Q. Game Boy 44
15th Frankenstein: The Monster Returns NES 44
17th Days of Thunder NES 45
17th Gain Ground SEGA Master System 45
19th Caveman Ugh-Lympics NES 46
19th Heavy Metal Amiga 46