Worst Games by Critic Score

# Game Platform Critic Score
1st Plumbers Don't Wear Ties 3DO 12
2nd Shadow: War of Succession 3DO 15
3rd Surf Ninjas Amiga CD32 22
4th Last Action Hero Amiga 24
5th Man Enough DOS 25
6th Rise of the Robots Genesis 26
7th Battletoads Amiga CD32 28
8th Rise of the Robots Game Gear 31
9th Virtuoso 3DO 33
9th The Itchy & Scratchy Game SNES 33
11th Club Drive Jaguar 35
11th Midnight Raiders SEGA CD 35
13th Operation Body Count DOS 36
14th Mad Dog McCree 3DO 38
14th The Lawnmower Man SEGA CD 38
14th Live Action Football Windows 3.x 38
17th World Cup USA 94 Amiga 39
17th Sensible Golf DOS 39
17th Winter Olympic Games: Lillehammer '94 Game Boy 39
20th Rise of the Robots SNES 40