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Worst by Year > 1994

Worst Games by Critic Score

# Game Platform Critic Score
1st Shadow: War of Succession 3DO 15
2nd Battletoads Amiga CD32 24
3rd Man Enough DOS 26
4th The Itchy & Scratchy Game SNES 32
5th Virtuoso 3DO 33
6th Midnight Raiders SEGA CD 34
7th Rise of the Robots Game Gear 35
8th Operation Body Count DOS 38
8th Club Drive Jaguar 38
8th Space Dude DOS 38
11th Mad Dog McCree 3DO 39
12th World Cup USA 94 Amiga 40
12th The Vortex: Quantum Gate II Windows 3.x 40
14th The Lawnmower Man SEGA CD 41
14th Rise of the Robots SNES 41
16th Sensible Golf DOS 42
16th The Tick Genesis 42
18th Breakline DOS 43
19th Revengers of Vengeance SEGA CD 44
20th Full Throttle: All-American Racing SNES 45