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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1148th divzero Australia flag 135
1152nd Max Tikhonov Russia flag 134
1152nd Kirschsaft Germany flag 134
1152nd Caley Roberts n/a 134
1155th Wolfang n/a 133
1155th Geoffrey Palmer n/a 133
1155th DarkTalon n/a 133
1155th purestylin Australia flag 133
1155th Thomas Beekers n/a 133
1160th jp2 n/a 132
1160th David Fox United States flag 132
1160th IgorD n/a 132
1163rd Swordmaster n/a 131
1163rd Smaug n/a 131
1163rd Wilbert Roget n/a 131
1166th Dave Schenet n/a 130
1166th Mark Ennis n/a 130
1166th NatsFan United States flag 130
1166th Germán Guerra n/a 130
1166th cartlionel n/a 130
1166th Gordon Walton n/a 130
1172nd eradix Germany flag 129
1172nd HalcyonDeveloper n/a 129
1172nd MadEwokHerd n/a 129
1172nd Ruekov Spain flag 129
1172nd Rodolfo T n/a 129
1172nd Ryan Wiltshire n/a 129
1178th Donald Kennedy United States flag 128
1178th J.D. Smith n/a 128
1178th Harten n/a 128
1178th Leonardo Kipper Brazil flag 128
1178th Simon Picard n/a 128
1178th Darren Chisum n/a 128
1178th Epu United States flag 128
1178th Erick Wujcik n/a 128
1186th Lance C n/a 127
1186th atrahasis n/a 127
1186th Cam Guest n/a 127
1186th Shane k n/a 127
1190th jeremy strope n/a 126
1190th rws360 n/a 126
1190th Jets Brazil flag 126
1190th Joe Graf n/a 126
1190th Peter Hall n/a 126
1190th Narf! n/a 126
1196th Ernest Adams United Kingdom flag 125
1196th Elwood n/a 125
1196th Robbb n/a 125
1196th bächtërmän Hungary flag 125
1196th LiveFire n/a 125