Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1842nd leon101 n/a 63
1842nd Charles Beauchemin Canada flag 63
1842nd András Gregorik Hungary flag 63
1842nd vekter United States flag 63
1842nd Beat Bear n/a 63
1842nd Fangor Sweden flag 63
1842nd Alturis United States flag 63
1842nd lord of daedra n/a 63
1842nd Francois Masse Canada flag 63
1860th luciphercolors n/a 62
1860th earthpet n/a 62
1860th Nick Frampton Australia flag 62
1860th scarabaeus n/a 62
1860th Milkshaker n/a 62
1860th Oliver Barder United Kingdom flag 62
1860th james johnson n/a 62
1860th SithlordDK Germany flag 62
1860th fathom n/a 62
1860th Calpis United States flag 62
1860th Matthew Upson n/a 62
1860th pitr maddison n/a 62
1860th Derek Manning United States flag 62
1860th T13r Russia flag 62
1860th Diamond Titan n/a 62
1860th Luchian Deurell n/a 62
1860th jwiechers Germany flag 62
1860th André Johansen n/a 62
1878th Rob Fini United States flag 61
1878th Jeffrey Graw n/a 61
1878th Robson Waterkemper n/a 61
1878th OnlyBlue Sweden flag 61
1878th Iris-chan n/a 61
1878th Peeta Clarke n/a 61
1878th Nathaniel Guy n/a 61
1878th Mike Jacob n/a 61
1878th Mike DeSanctis n/a 61
1878th Derk Boer n/a 61
1878th mark77 n/a 61
1878th Chaz Ashley Germany flag 61
1878th Chang You Wong n/a 61
1878th Drew Dorton n/a 61
1878th Kristie Lauborough n/a 61
1878th Artem Morozov n/a 61
1878th James Burford n/a 61
1878th SamandMax n/a 61
1896th Blast Vortex n/a 60
1896th G Man n/a 60
1896th Martin Elsäßer Germany flag 60
1896th Zsolt Pardi United Kingdom flag 60
1896th Forensic Gunk United Kingdom flag 60