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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
251st Andy Voss United States flag 1635
252nd Frenkel n/a 1595
253rd Don Komarechka Canada flag 1588
254th The Cliffe Canada flag 1586
255th C-Shot Germany flag 1576
256th jeff leyda United States flag 1568
257th breakyboy United States flag 1564
258th Emepol Argentina flag 1548
259th Syed GJ n/a 1547
260th Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe n/a 1519
261st Hervé Piton France flag 1495
261st Tibes80 n/a 1495
263rd Gary Anderson United States flag 1489
264th dymo Russia flag 1485
265th kwbridge United States flag 1478
266th nullnullnull n/a 1472
266th Chris Edgar United States flag 1472
268th thalcos n/a 1467
269th Lucefin United States flag 1432
269th Mr. Eight-Three-One United States flag 1432
271st Silverblade Greece flag 1425
272nd Eric THOMMEROT France flag 1415
273rd Nowhere Girl Poland flag 1408
274th MK2k n/a 1401
275th jj984jj n/a 1392
276th Robond Brazil flag 1388
277th djindio n/a 1386
277th Frankie Gordon Italy flag 1386
279th eWarrior Estonia flag 1381
280th mo  Germany flag 1372
281st 6⅞ of Nine n/a 1360
282nd Adam Baratz n/a 1353
283rd DaWade n/a 1339
284th Solid Flamingo Israel flag 1333
285th Crawly Israel flag 1327
286th Tracy Poff United States flag 1324
287th SifouNaS Greece flag 1317
288th Silverfish United Kingdom flag 1306
289th SanMadJack United States flag 1305
290th Xantheous Canada flag 1296
291st M4R14N0 Argentina flag 1285
292nd mailmanppa Poland flag 1277
293rd Master_Sandro Germany flag 1275
294th John Romero United States flag 1274
295th katarn_88 Russia flag 1263
296th Luiz Pacheco n/a 1257
297th Happy Rabbi n/a 1256
298th Andrew Shepard United States flag 1237
299th sgtcook United Kingdom flag 1235
300th C3R14L.K1L4 Portugal flag 1225