The adventure game classic Grim Fandango has been remastered! It's now available on GOG, DRM-free.

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2641st XeNo n/a 35
2641st Mike Turner n/a 35
2641st SunDog n/a 35
2641st MeatGortex n/a 35
2641st Brian Shingles n/a 35
2641st Stephan Wolschon United Kingdom flag 35
2641st Kodama99 n/a 35
2641st edthere United States flag 35
2641st SuperStache n/a 35
2641st Jake Sones n/a 35
2641st Simon Pilgrim n/a 35
2641st ikarus15 Canada flag 35
2641st Dan Gould United Kingdom flag 35
2641st Aythem Canada flag 35
2641st Geoff Johns n/a 35
2641st Andy80 n/a 35
2641st Doodles n/a 35
2641st IcePirate United States flag 35
2641st Dark Cloud n/a 35
2641st FnordPerfect Germany flag 35
2641st Jon Grande n/a 35
2641st Eric Boltjes n/a 35
2641st Neon Hammerite United Kingdom flag 35
2641st Steve McNally n/a 35
2641st Benny Kayser n/a 35
2641st Tal Cohen Israel flag 35
2641st Argentina flag 35
2641st lee jun ho n/a 35
2641st hssk Russia flag 35
2641st Billth Davies n/a 35
2681st Rebel_lord n/a 34
2681st Mad Dog Fargo n/a 34
2681st r0bb3ry Bulgaria flag 34
2681st bcm design Germany flag 34
2681st David Pittman United States flag 34
2681st Lucas Gabriel Monzón n/a 34
2681st Mr Anichrostic n/a 34
2681st Ted Timmins United Kingdom flag 34
2681st kametyken n/a 34
2681st The Red King n/a 34
2681st Shagittarius n/a 34
2681st Victor Wachter n/a 34
2681st Luddite Ludder n/a 34
2681st kvasir United States flag 34
2681st AustraliaCredits n/a 34
2681st Kain Ceverus United States flag 34
2681st Alex Shatsky n/a 34
2681st steve norris n/a 34
2681st Idiot Gamer n/a 34
2681st udm Worldwide flag 34