Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
2817th Mark Papadakis Greece flag 30
2817th IggyGame United States flag 30
2817th kloki38 n/a 30
2817th emmamomocat n/a 30
2817th Chris McEntee n/a 30
2817th Scott Hansen n/a 30
2817th Simoneer Sweden flag 30
2817th Marque Pierre Sondergaard n/a 30
2817th yonger United States flag 30
2817th Concrete Software n/a 30
2817th Petri Lankoski Sweden flag 30
2817th Rumbadebu Rumbadebu n/a 30
2817th tigen United States flag 30
2817th Stanislav n/a 30
2817th Tiago Fernandes n/a 30
2817th Kevin Bryant n/a 30
2817th david stepanian n/a 30
2817th lowlife n/a 30
2817th Thing_128 n/a 30
2817th IV_CV n/a 30
2817th Michael Paeck n/a 30
2817th Kitty Says Meow United States flag 30
2817th Kevin Herschbach n/a 30
2817th Tim Emmerich United States flag 30
2817th oli555 n/a 30
2817th John McMahon n/a 30
2817th Dim Gri n/a 30
2817th Jack Torrance n/a 30
2817th Robb Sherwin n/a 30
2817th mif2000 Russia flag 30
2881st Veronika Zýková n/a 29
2881st Jamie Ottilie n/a 29
2881st SpaceLord n/a 29
2881st Yuri Slavniy Russia flag 29
2881st ZuljinRaynor United States flag 29
2881st James Hague n/a 29
2881st Jason Floyd n/a 29
2881st Jemima Hoskins n/a 29
2881st Starhawk n/a 29
2881st Boris Stovich n/a 29
2881st Chris Mikesell n/a 29
2881st Lee Waggoner n/a 29
2881st V The Godfather n/a 29
2881st Olaf Kow n/a 29
2881st Troy Adam United States flag 29
2881st PAO n/a 29
2881st Xiaoyong Liu China flag 29
2881st Celine-sama Japan flag 29
2881st Trond Meier n/a 29
2881st Movit Germany flag 29