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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
301st M4R14N0 Argentina flag 1284
302nd Master_Sandro Germany flag 1275
303rd John Romero United States flag 1272
304th katarn_88 Russia flag 1264
305th Luiz Pacheco n/a 1257
306th Poland flag 1254
307th sgtcook United Kingdom flag 1233
308th Andrew Shepard United States flag 1227
309th C3R14L.K1L4 Portugal flag 1225
310th Pat Cdr United States flag 1222
311th Alex Z n/a 1221
312th cdwfs United States flag 1202
313th MichaelPalin Spain flag 1194
314th Jewelcase Canada flag 1192
315th kelmer44 Spain flag 1185
316th NapalmMan Brazil flag 1184
316th Cyborg Worldwide flag 1184
318th Tapio France flag 1179
319th Alex M. Romania flag 1173
320th marley0001 Spain flag 1171
321st Raphael n/a 1160
322nd Fire Convoy n/a 1155
323rd Pix n/a 1153
324th Marko Poutiainen Finland flag 1148
324th Ronald Diemicke United States flag 1148
326th Matthew Bailey n/a 1143
327th skl Worldwide flag 1138
328th Independent Germany flag 1133
328th Arjon van Dam The Netherlands flag 1133
330th Ghar Canada flag 1127
331st Simon Stelling Germany flag 1123
332nd Coltrane n/a 1122
333rd Jacob Gens n/a 1107
334th NeoMoose n/a 1102
335th Roger Wilco Canada flag 1099
336th Chris Martin n/a 1097
337th William Shawn McDonie n/a 1092
338th Joseph Shely n/a 1084
339th drewbar Australia flag 1083
340th ERASER_M Germany flag 1063
340th DURIAN Mexico flag 1063
342nd CaptainCanuck Canada flag 1062
343rd CesarMFM Brazil flag 1052
344th Evilhead Finland flag 1051
345th etempest United States flag 1032
345th Mr. Sefe Finland flag 1032
347th glidefan Cyprus flag 1019
348th United Kingdom flag 1018
349th Cochonou France flag 1017
350th Zack Green n/a 1013