Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
551st Mister-k81 n/a 408
552nd majutsushi New Zealand flag 406
553rd tommynotty n/a 400
554th kbmb n/a 399
555th Toolworker n/a 397
556th monikazapper n/a 395
556th faceless n/a 395
558th Kalrac n/a 394
559th lasttoblame n/a 393
559th Keith Turkowski United States flag 393
561st Ross Edmond n/a 391
561st Apan Sweden flag 391
561st codefrog New Zealand flag 391
561st Klaus Maier n/a 391
565th gamedevwannabe n/a 388
566th micnictic Germany flag 385
567th Donatello Estonia flag 384
568th Stephane Koenig United States flag 383
568th Halleck United States flag 383
570th Cedrick Collomb n/a 382
570th Mumm-Ra n/a 382
572nd Open_Sights Brazil flag 380
573rd Juan Miguel Gamotia Philippines flag 379
574th Vaelor n/a 377
574th Roberto Teichmann Germany flag 377
576th chalumo n/a 376
577th PaulusLiang Taiwan flag 375
578th Sebastien Brassard Canada flag 373
579th antster1983 United Kingdom flag 372
579th Łukasz Mirosławski Poland flag 372
581st Nick Drew n/a 371
582nd DarkBubble United States flag 370
582nd lasse n/a 370
584th Entorphane n/a 369
584th Caliner Romania flag 369
584th Pwa n/a 369
587th Medicine Man n/a 367
588th Pete Walentin n/a 366
588th akrusso United States flag 366
590th Veniceknight United Kingdom flag 365
590th sakkakth n/a 365
592nd Emmanuel de Chezelles United States flag 364
593rd lugnut n/a 359
594th Mickey Gabel n/a 357
595th ffb n/a 356
595th SopeL Poland flag 356
597th M E n/a 355
597th A dJ The Netherlands flag 355
599th przygodomania.pl Poland flag 354
600th Abi79 Romania flag 353