Moby Poll: What kind of game collector are you?

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
799th gametrader n/a 229
802nd AkibaTechno n/a 228
802nd Ronica Italy flag 228
802nd plasticgun n/a 228
802nd PaganKitty69 United States flag 228
806th Anthony Cervantes n/a 227
806th wiadp1 Poland flag 227
808th Heliophage n/a 226
808th Maury Markowitz Canada flag 226
808th Tao_ France flag 226
811th Bahz n/a 225
811th ehushagen n/a 225
811th Great Hierophant n/a 225
814th Gonnagan Austria flag 223
814th Gary Vandegrift United States flag 223
814th Gamera Australia flag 223
817th Jim Fun n/a 222
817th Michael Dorgan United States flag 222
817th Gatekeeper Bulgaria flag 222
817th timebender United States flag 222
821st D Michael United States flag 221
821st mobiusclimber n/a 221
821st [Durden] Canada flag 221
824th Kristoffer Trolle Denmark flag 220
825th Gabor Gyarmati n/a 219
825th CBMan n/a 219
825th Tobias Heussner n/a 219
828th Peter Hammerskjold n/a 218
829th Thomas T United States flag 217
830th f1reball Germany flag 216
830th JenG n/a 216
830th wendigo United States flag 216
833rd Matt Dabrowski n/a 215
833rd McStalins Russia flag 215
833rd Game Savior n/a 215
833rd Shabba DaHutt n/a 215
837th road United States flag 212
837th Rice2 n/a 212
839th Kyle Palkowski n/a 211
839th Matthew Burns n/a 211
841st elron n/a 210
842nd Billoute n/a 209
842nd Kola256 Poland flag 209
844th Brian Gladman n/a 208
844th y y United States flag 208
844th Assassin87 The Netherlands flag 208
844th Sasri n/a 208
848th Plix n/a 207
848th p-kun United States flag 207
848th Highretrogamelord89 Germany flag 207