Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
851st Raymond Chung United States flag 203
851st f1reball Germany flag 203
851st Verk n/a 203
851st Rensch The Netherlands flag 203
855th NetDanzr n/a 202
856th thrasheur13 France flag 201
857th NovedSelim United Kingdom flag 200
857th Brenden Conte n/a 200
857th MDMaster Italy flag 200
857th Nick Rycar United States flag 200
857th indy king n/a 200
862nd Crystal Shard n/a 199
862nd XCool n/a 199
864th Joobs United Kingdom flag 198
864th theplayer n/a 198
864th Charley Le n/a 198
864th JimMcJim United Kingdom flag 198
868th Lumpi Austria flag 197
868th 5u3 Austria flag 197
868th Ipggi United Kingdom flag 197
868th xxxxxxxxxxx United Kingdom flag 197
872nd Adam McMillan United States flag 195
872nd KazikluBey Sweden flag 195
872nd Chentzilla Russia flag 195
875th Highretrogamelord89 Germany flag 194
876th MA17 United States flag 193
876th Sheemish n/a 193
876th Paul Weaver n/a 193
876th o0pyromancer0o Denmark flag 193
876th Anym Austria flag 193
881st Clayton Cushman n/a 192
881st dorando United States flag 192
883rd WindowsKiller Germany flag 191
883rd Frecklefoot United States flag 191
885th Cadorna n/a 190
885th Darksaviour69 n/a 190
887th Igor Pokrovsky Russia flag 188
887th Steely Gaze United States flag 188
887th Simone Bevilacqua n/a 188
890th Dave Bowman n/a 187
890th WillowGreen United States flag 187
892nd Au Yeung Tin Chun Hong Kong flag 186
892nd DTJAAAAM n/a 186
894th Kristoffer Trolle Denmark flag 184
894th GameNutt n/a 184
894th brentplz United States flag 184
897th codemonkey_uk n/a 183
897th mw n/a 183
899th Pye United States flag 182
899th voidoid n/a 182