Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
950th viritys Finland flag 170
950th Denis Grangé France flag 170
950th Luka Milutinovic Serbia flag 170
954th sfzdk n/a 169
954th Lee Almodovar n/a 169
954th DNMP n/a 169
957th Retron n/a 168
957th 5L4Y Canada flag 168
957th stpe Sweden flag 168
957th Scarred Sun n/a 168
961st Olivier Tardy n/a 167
961st Greg Stanton n/a 167
961st Paranoid Opressor Other flag 167
961st simhead n/a 167
961st Aaron Walz n/a 167
966th ksaunam n/a 166
966th Venator United States flag 166
966th Paweł Olwert Poland flag 166
966th Scribblemacher United States flag 166
970th mwnoname n/a 165
971st Afex Tween Russia flag 164
971st Dan K n/a 164
971st Otis Kliner United States flag 164
971st Jack Frost n/a 164
971st Gerrit Holl n/a 164
976th LDespot n/a 163
976th Michelle New Zealand flag 163
976th Jody United States flag 163
979th Lobo Branco Brazil flag 162
980th Ian Dunlop n/a 161
980th JubalHarshaw n/a 161
980th Goncalo Goncalves n/a 161
980th John Franco Philippines flag 161
980th Connor Salisbury n/a 161
985th Francois Messier n/a 160
985th Horton47 United States flag 160
985th Adam G n/a 160
988th wossname n/a 159
988th James Kirk n/a 159
988th wizardgsz n/a 159
988th Gamecat n/a 159
988th Dustin Cartwright n/a 159
988th KSE Germany flag 159
988th Łukasz Rębisz n/a 159
988th Julian McKenzie n/a 159
988th Magnus Svensson n/a 159
988th frankie kendall n/a 159
998th Shazbut United Kingdom flag 158
998th Tiago Jacques Portugal flag 158
1000th Mick West n/a 157