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Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
944th Andrew Fisher United Kingdom flag 178
944th ThE oNe n/a 178
953rd RIP MobyGames n/a 177
954th Leah Emery n/a 176
954th Technocrat n/a 176
954th Joe Ix n/a 176
957th Steven Universe United States flag 175
957th Alen Lapidis n/a 175
957th Nick Heilmann United States flag 175
957th El_Freako n/a 175
957th Sycada n/a 175
962nd Hong Sik Jeon South Korea flag 174
962nd Robstein United States flag 174
962nd Simon Hurley United States flag 174
962nd Tom Weber Germany flag 174
966th Stanislav n/a 173
966th VGM Maniac n/a 173
966th zemonn United States flag 173
966th Ryan Armstrong Canada flag 173
966th Fragasnap United States flag 173
966th Jeff Weinstein n/a 173
972nd Marc Oberhäuser n/a 172
972nd Wylaryzel n/a 172
974th Jacek Grzondziel n/a 171
974th Koroner Italy flag 171
974th Meredith Lobel-Angel n/a 171
977th viritys Finland flag 170
977th Ryan DiGiorgi n/a 170
979th DNMP n/a 169
979th Scribblemacher United States flag 169
979th Peter Bridger United Kingdom flag 169
979th sfzdk n/a 169
979th Denis Grangé France flag 169
979th Lee Almodovar n/a 169
985th PC Booter n/a 168
985th Aaron Walz n/a 168
985th Scarred Sun n/a 168
985th stpe Sweden flag 168
985th 5L4Y Canada flag 168
985th Retron n/a 168
985th Maner76 n/a 168
992nd Greg Stanton n/a 167
992nd Dan K n/a 167
992nd Olivier Tardy n/a 167
992nd Rich Richards n/a 167
992nd simhead n/a 167
992nd Paranoid Opressor Other flag 167
998th Venator United States flag 166
998th Zak Whaley United States flag 166
998th ksaunam n/a 166