What is your position on crowd funded games? (e.g., Kickstarter, Early Access on Steam)

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1051st HellCop Sweden flag 148
1051st Hero of Legend n/a 148
1051st Heath Smith n/a 148
1051st verify Poland flag 148
1051st Philip Chu United States flag 148
1051st Varun Dutt India flag 148
1057th Renee' Lasswell n/a 147
1057th Andrew Kay n/a 147
1057th Dillon Upton United States flag 147
1057th grimace n/a 147
1057th frin Slovenia flag 147
1062nd Thomas Terl n/a 146
1062nd dreamstealer India flag 146
1062nd Bobinator United States flag 146
1062nd Adrian Harris Italy flag 146
1062nd Herkimer Chicanery n/a 146
1067th CKeen The Great n/a 145
1067th Hamish Wilson Canada flag 145
1067th Nembo n/a 145
1067th John Thomson Hungary flag 145
1067th GNJMSTR United States flag 145
1067th Ananda Gupta n/a 145
1067th Division Zero n/a 145
1067th Jakub Kojder n/a 145
1075th cafeine n/a 144
1075th Arjan van Kooi n/a 144
1075th Neocube n/a 144
1078th LordHoto Germany flag 143
1078th Nels Anderson Canada flag 143
1078th Swordmaster n/a 143
1078th Mary Anagnostopoulou Greece flag 143
1078th Cosmo Topper United States flag 143
1083rd frank rieter n/a 142
1083rd OFoglada n/a 142
1083rd Michael Stamps United States flag 142
1083rd Steve Ettinger n/a 142
1083rd MacDeath France flag 142
1088th phorque United Kingdom flag 141
1088th Jani Pääjärvi n/a 141
1088th doomer007 Malta flag 141
1088th Stanislav n/a 141
1092nd Teddy Ruxpin n/a 140
1092nd Chris Ainsworth United States flag 140
1092nd Namaenashi Germany flag 140
1092nd Martin Asnong Canada flag 140
1092nd Michael Raymer n/a 140
1092nd Chris Charabaruk Canada flag 140
1092nd Lawnmower Man United States flag 140
1092nd Copland-II Australia flag 140
1100th VVP Finland flag 139