Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1149th Harten n/a 128
1149th Donald Kennedy United States flag 128
1149th Simon Picard n/a 128
1149th Leonardo Kipper Brazil flag 128
1149th Erick Wujcik n/a 128
1156th Lance C n/a 127
1156th atrahasis n/a 127
1156th Cam Guest n/a 127
1156th Peter Hall n/a 127
1156th Shane k n/a 127
1161st Joe Graf n/a 126
1161st rws360 n/a 126
1161st Narf! n/a 126
1161st Jets Brazil flag 126
1161st jeremy strope n/a 126
1166th John Thomson Hungary flag 125
1166th Christopher Kao n/a 125
1166th Wayne Westmoreland United States flag 125
1166th Elwood n/a 125
1166th LiveFire n/a 125
1166th bächtërmän Hungary flag 125
1166th Embit Germany flag 125
1166th Adam Boyes n/a 125
1166th Robbb n/a 125
1166th Stafford Huyler n/a 125
1166th Ingold Canada flag 125
1177th Blackie n/a 124
1177th Shadowcat n/a 124
1177th Kotario n/a 124
1177th Rich L n/a 124
1177th Ernest Adams United Kingdom flag 124
1177th Reborn_Demon United Kingdom flag 124
1177th DGackey United States flag 124
1177th D P United States flag 124
1185th AHO Germany flag 123
1185th Walt Huber n/a 123
1185th Lisa Shock United States flag 123
1185th Scott Quinn n/a 123
1185th Axiom n/a 123
1185th Tantalus United States flag 123
1185th Iain Compton n/a 123
1185th Outsider n/a 123
1185th Mike Saager n/a 123
1185th monogolinvader n/a 123
1185th exe Canada flag 123
1196th haydn dalton n/a 122
1196th Gary Hahn United States flag 122
1196th colm52 n/a 122
1196th phanboy_iv n/a 122
1196th doowopman n/a 122