Less than 150 games needed to reach our MobyGoal of 1,500 documented arcade titles!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1147th Ryan Wiltshire n/a 129
1152nd Leonardo Kipper Brazil flag 128
1152nd Darren Chisum n/a 128
1152nd Assassin87 The Netherlands flag 128
1152nd Donald Kennedy United States flag 128
1152nd Simon Picard n/a 128
1152nd Erick Wujcik n/a 128
1152nd Epu United States flag 128
1152nd Harten n/a 128
1160th Shane k n/a 127
1160th atrahasis n/a 127
1160th Spiderkeys Australia flag 127
1160th Lance C n/a 127
1160th Cam Guest n/a 127
1160th Peter Hall n/a 127
1166th Narf! n/a 126
1166th Joe Graf n/a 126
1166th jeremy strope n/a 126
1166th rws360 n/a 126
1166th Jets Brazil flag 126
1171st LiveFire n/a 125
1171st Adam Boyes n/a 125
1171st Robbb n/a 125
1171st Christopher Kao n/a 125
1171st bächtërmän Hungary flag 125
1171st Embit Germany flag 125
1171st Wayne Westmoreland United States flag 125
1171st Stafford Huyler n/a 125
1171st Elwood n/a 125
1171st Ingold Canada flag 125
1181st Rich L n/a 124
1181st Blackie n/a 124
1181st DGackey United States flag 124
1181st Shadowcat n/a 124
1181st Reborn_Demon United Kingdom flag 124
1181st D P United States flag 124
1181st Kotario n/a 124
1181st Ernest Adams United Kingdom flag 124
1189th Walt Huber n/a 123
1189th Lisa Shock United States flag 123
1189th Mike Saager n/a 123
1189th Scott Quinn n/a 123
1189th exe Canada flag 123
1189th Axiom n/a 123
1189th Tantalus United States flag 123
1189th Iain Compton n/a 123
1189th monogolinvader n/a 123
1189th Outsider n/a 123
1189th AHO Germany flag 123
1200th haydn dalton n/a 122