Tecmo, initially a supplier of cleaning equipment and now best known for Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, was founded on this day in 1967!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1395th Douglas Boze n/a 95
1395th André Bernhardt Germany flag 95
1395th plumifrons Czech Republic flag 95
1395th Byrt United States flag 95
1395th Professor n/a 95
1406th Fake Spam n/a 94
1406th Aleosha Soshin n/a 94
1406th Blackhandjr n/a 94
1406th Uncleharpoon United States flag 94
1406th muppetaphrodite n/a 94
1406th acemtp France flag 94
1406th Mictlantecuhtli France flag 94
1406th Fabian Schölzel Germany flag 94
1406th christian mueller Germany flag 94
1406th Travis Fahs n/a 94
1406th casimps1 n/a 94
1417th xterm n/a 93
1417th giannis larissas Greece flag 93
1417th PerfectWorld United States flag 93
1417th Natislane n/a 93
1417th RealityHacker Sweden flag 93
1417th zerothis United States flag 93
1417th Alex Vo n/a 93
1417th Chris Clews n/a 93
1417th mobygamer n/a 93
1426th François Houste France flag 92
1426th The Greek n/a 92
1426th Alexander Offermann n/a 92
1426th Jeff Hazen United States flag 92
1426th Boston Low n/a 92
1426th Stine Waern Norway flag 92
1426th Gareth Casey United Kingdom flag 92
1426th Steve gaynor United States flag 92
1426th bleepnik United States flag 92
1435th Jennifer Chan United States flag 91
1435th Nish n/a 91
1435th Nick Hunter n/a 91
1435th yellowshirt n/a 91
1435th Colin Wilkinson n/a 91
1435th Jeff Dixon n/a 91
1435th capamaroux Greece flag 91
1435th Slawomir Kuczera Poland flag 91
1443rd Brian Decker n/a 90
1443rd Mike Jacob n/a 90
1443rd Ian Sweeny n/a 90
1443rd Jonathan Gray n/a 90
1443rd mrsid The Netherlands flag 90
1443rd olivier ravet n/a 90
1443rd Joe Waters United States flag 90
1443rd Thiago Oliveira n/a 90