Less than 150 games needed to reach our MobyGoal of 1,500 documented arcade titles!

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
101st vicrabb Belgium flag 6981
102nd Rwolf Sweden flag 6867
103rd Belboz Canada flag 6553
104th Michael Cassidy n/a 6282
105th Infernos Latvia flag 6112
106th COBRA-COBRETTI Poland flag 6034
107th Christian Klein Germany flag 5791
108th Ƒreddƴ South Africa flag 5650
109th RKL Canada flag 5614
110th wishbringer Germany flag 5552
111th game nostalgia Worldwide flag 5511
112th Lain Crowley United States flag 5410
113th tarmo888 Estonia flag 5316
114th Terrence Bosky United States flag 5235
115th Roedie The Netherlands flag 5226
116th //dbz: United Kingdom flag 5225
117th Cavalary Romania flag 5193
118th Accatone Turkey flag 5187
119th MrMamen Norway flag 5177
120th gamewarrior United States flag 5065
121st Garcia n/a 4783
122nd Quapil Austria flag 4742
123rd DarkFalzX n/a 4723
124th Joshua J. Slone United States flag 4618
125th karttu Finland flag 4610
126th Iggi Germany flag 4456
127th Zeen Spain flag 4406
128th Tomer Gabel Israel flag 4388
129th faklan Sweden flag 4322
130th Dragom Portugal flag 4297
131st Kic'N United Kingdom flag 4242
132nd Ace of Sevens United States flag 4229
133rd General Error Germany flag 4212
134th phlux Germany flag 4143
135th ケヴィン Belgium flag 4097
136th Caelestis United States flag 3934
137th airshark United Kingdom flag 3857
138th hydra9 United Kingdom flag 3853
139th Mr Giggles United States flag 3847
140th SGruber Germany flag 3836
141st eWarrior Estonia flag 3832
142nd stabel Germany flag 3761
143rd CalaisianMindthief Romania flag 3749
144th DarkDante Spain flag 3710
145th Gonchi Uruguay flag 3675
146th iShrek Canada flag 3656
147th Kasey Chang United States flag 3654
148th Alan Chan n/a 3601
149th menschenfeind Sweden flag 3570
150th coenak United States flag 3566