Moby Poll: How many game soundtracks do you own?

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1444th Nish n/a 91
1452nd M4tty Australia flag 90
1452nd Brian Decker n/a 90
1452nd Ryan Evans n/a 90
1452nd Exolon n/a 90
1452nd Thiago Oliveira n/a 90
1452nd Mike Jacob n/a 90
1452nd Spindash United Kingdom flag 90
1452nd Ian Sweeny n/a 90
1452nd Alarik Finland flag 90
1452nd Jonathan Gray n/a 90
1452nd olivier ravet n/a 90
1452nd mrsid The Netherlands flag 90
1452nd adzik Poland flag 90
1452nd Joe Waters United States flag 90
1466th Roland Lesterlin n/a 89
1466th Francesco Maisto Italy flag 89
1466th smurray n/a 89
1466th Dragoon n/a 89
1466th Gamer987 n/a 89
1466th Karim Rehimi n/a 89
1466th PimPamPet The Netherlands flag 89
1466th doninss n/a 89
1466th Davedog n/a 89
1466th Ascovel n/a 89
1476th JulesThe United States flag 88
1476th thud n/a 88
1476th James Reed United States flag 88
1476th Thespo Vandi n/a 88
1476th Funkadelic n/a 88
1476th Snakes . Worldwide flag 88
1476th Jonathanvdw n/a 88
1476th mikebo United States flag 88
1476th Robert Madsen United States flag 88
1476th Zaroba n/a 88
1476th Nanoha Feit Japan flag 88
1476th Gareth Lewin n/a 88
1476th seanp United Kingdom flag 88
1489th sabi shii n/a 87
1489th Ajay Karat United States flag 87
1489th The Hitman n/a 87
1489th James Clarendon n/a 87
1489th Ruslan Abdikeev United States flag 87
1489th Xuyen Nguyen n/a 87
1489th Rodney Dickson Canada flag 87
1489th Robert Wolfe n/a 87
1489th ModestMr.Green n/a 87
1489th Zamppa Finland flag 87
1489th kohi_noir n/a 87
1500th GraveDigger Worldwide flag 86