How much time do you spend in each single session when you play games?

Overall Rank

Rank User Country Points
1444th Nish n/a 91
1452nd Ryan Evans n/a 90
1452nd Mike Jacob n/a 90
1452nd Exolon n/a 90
1452nd Alarik Finland flag 90
1452nd Jonathan Gray n/a 90
1452nd Ian Sweeny n/a 90
1452nd Spindash United Kingdom flag 90
1452nd Joe Waters United States flag 90
1452nd adzik Poland flag 90
1452nd Brian Decker n/a 90
1452nd olivier ravet n/a 90
1452nd mrsid The Netherlands flag 90
1452nd Thiago Oliveira n/a 90
1452nd M4tty Australia flag 90
1466th Ascovel n/a 89
1466th PimPamPet The Netherlands flag 89
1466th Gamer987 n/a 89
1466th Francesco Maisto Italy flag 89
1466th Roland Lesterlin n/a 89
1466th Dragoon n/a 89
1466th Karim Rehimi n/a 89
1466th doninss n/a 89
1466th smurray n/a 89
1466th Davedog n/a 89
1476th Zaroba n/a 88
1476th seanp United Kingdom flag 88
1476th Nanoha Feit Japan flag 88
1476th Funkadelic n/a 88
1476th Thespo Vandi n/a 88
1476th Jonathanvdw n/a 88
1476th JulesThe United States flag 88
1476th Snakes . Worldwide flag 88
1476th thud n/a 88
1476th Gareth Lewin n/a 88
1476th James Reed United States flag 88
1476th mikebo United States flag 88
1476th Robert Madsen United States flag 88
1489th Rodney Dickson Canada flag 87
1489th Ruslan Abdikeev United States flag 87
1489th sabi shii n/a 87
1489th kohi_noir n/a 87
1489th Zamppa Finland flag 87
1489th Robert Wolfe n/a 87
1489th Xuyen Nguyen n/a 87
1489th The Hitman n/a 87
1489th James Clarendon n/a 87
1489th Ajay Karat United States flag 87
1489th ModestMr.Green n/a 87
1500th GraveDigger Worldwide flag 86